Scientific-research work of the student of 2 class a bad habit of school students
  The choice of the topic of my research work is not accidental. A lot of guys from our class used to suck the handle, and sometimes biting a pencil.…

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Mom, I'm scared!
  " Mom, I'm scared! — with a shout and cry ran into the parent's bedroom a little Pasha. Clinging to his mother's breast, he babbled: — There… dark… under…

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Sex-Role education


Purpose: to help parents to understand the importance of the problem of sexual education of children and the role of the family in this work; to acquaint with the content, forms and methods of work on the issue of gender identity of children in preschool education institution; promote active interaction with teachers in the discussion of this problem; to acquaint with the results of diagnostic tests for the method of “My family”.

Preliminary work:

Questioning of parents “Sex education for preschoolers”.

Diagnostic testing “My family”.

Making parent corner “Boys and girls”.

“The Treasury issues” — collection of issues of interest to parents on the topic.

Recommendations “Especially the education of boys in the family, Especially the education of girls in the family.”

Conducting classes for children “Boys and girls”.

The course of the meeting-the Studio

Presenter (V.). Dear parents! Our meeting is devoted to a very complicated problem — the sexual education of children. Now attitudes have changed and in pedagogy, and in medicine, and in psychology. We propose to build our evening thus. First look the lesson with the children on the theme you are discussing today. Then talk about what qualities should be educating our boys and girls: this question, Continue reading

Teach children to listen to music


Today’s parents less and less pay attention to, what music to listen to their child, remembering myself at that age and believing that each generation has its idols. From the point of view of pedagogy, this approach can be called quite humane and balanced, as children should have the freedom to choose and to decide what musical direction they prefer.

However, if we consider music not only in the context of intellectual and spiritual development of the child, but from a medical point of view, adults should seriously think about what listening to their baby.

Scientific studies show that classical and folk music has a beneficial effect on both the physical and the spiritual, but also on the psycho-emotional condition of the child, making it more balanced and tolerant towards other people. At the same time, rock and rap are not only the source of negative emotions, and increased aggression.

Experiments with animals and plants have shown that classical music, melodic and harmonious, promotes their growth. At the same time in the greenhouse, where every day sounds rock, flowers die within a week.

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You can help the development of domestic education, including its Internet segment!

The aim of the project “national encyclopedia” – to make background information available to multiple users.


Regulation of relations between the R. and D. according to the Soviet law is characterized by the full protection of parental rights in conjunction with the state rhenoy of iaterial children, equal rights of father and mother, the beginning of mutual aid, imposing certain responsibilities on parents and children.

The Soviet government strongly supports and protects the attachment of parents to children and children’s attachment to parents. The state allocates to strengthen the family enormous material resources, builds and develops a system of any kind orphanages, helping the family to have and raise children. Historic decisions of the XIX party Congress defined the further expansion of the network of such institutions. Installation on the creation of strong Soviet family & parenting received its expression in the number of principal directions of Soviet legislation. So, education of children, the law is regarded as a civil responsibilities (post. The CEC and SNK on June 27, 1936 – NW 1936, No. 34, article 309). The birth and upbringing of children is the basis for the award of honor in the Soviet Union honours – the order “Maternal glory” and the medal “Medal of motherhood” Continue reading