Teach children to listen to music
  Today's parents less and less pay attention to, what music to listen to their child, remembering myself at that age and believing that each generation has its idols. From…

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Women's "Indian Kingdom"
    Can today's children to empathize, to respond emotionally to the experience of the other? Unfortunately, the corrosive impact of our television has done its job: the children hard…

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Portfolio preschooler. The work of educators and parents with the table preferences


Knowing the interests of the child, we can judge his aspirations, intentions, and hence to influence the formation of personality. Interests are closely connected with powers. However, there is full compliance, as manifested interest in something does not mean “Wake-up” the corresponding capacity. The breadth of interests associated with the horizon, the curiosity of man.

Children “addicting nature”, however, needs to cool their ardor, when they start any business: without passion there is no creativity, success. It is important to instill in them a responsible attitude to any business and a habit to finish what you’ve started. The child should experience the fun, “light” not only at the beginning of the case, but in the end of it, to enjoy the result of their labor, to strive for new knowledge, to even greater achievements, especially in the fact that it attracts.

This is the way to educating a wide stable interests, among which should be allocated one interest, expressing the main purpose of the child, the propensity for any activity. The main (Central) the interest is often associated with the manifestation Continue reading

Why do children lie to their parents, and how to fight it?


No matter how much we wanted to see their children truthful, from time to time they have to state that children, like adults, lying. Lie children of all ages, but especially they often do in early childhood.

Age 2 to 4 years:

– Today I told to all children in kindergarten that we were in Africa.

– But you haven’t been there…

But someday we’re still going there, right?

In young children from birth highly developed imagination. Sometimes children with difficulty distinguish the actual from the fictional and therefore often fantastic stories turn into a dream come true, “persisted” children’s minds.

Four-Misha often brought from kindergarten his favorite toys, but he always claimed that the teacher allowed him to take them home. The psychologist explained: so Misha wants to have this toy that is sure that is entitled to take her home.

What to do?

Stupid and harmful to punish kids for similar offenses, even if they’re lying. Parents need to patiently explain to the children that it is not always what he wants – executable. Long lecture about honesty Continue reading

Adoption: meet the parents


Svetlana and Vladimir – the parents of Christina (pupils Tomsk orphanage) and angelina (pupils Tomsk children’s Home). They came especially for them to Tomsk from Ekaterinburg. I met them quite by accident in the camp, where the rest of the children of the orphanage, after their first meeting with Christina. No interview, by the way, was not planned and not expected.

Christina, as it turned out, was waiting for them for a long time. Therefore, as soon as they came into the game, immediately asked: “You will take me?”. I first witnessed a unique phenomenon, when three strange man, who yesterday did not suspect about existence of each other, suddenly realize that they are one family, so when the teachers took Christine into the dining room, asked for permission to turn on the recorder.

It turned out that in Ekaterinburg children for them was found, as this year there was a boom, which causes neither Svetlana or Vladimir can not explain and children in Yekaterinburg orphanages. So they started looking for her child in regional databases and came across photos of short-haired five-year Christina and her completely bald one-year-old sister angelina. As is always the case – something inside of my stomach, and they flew to Tomsk. Svetlana and Vladimir does not hide the fact that children chose on external qualities. The decisive factor – Continue reading