Why do children lie to their parents, and how to fight it?
  No matter how much we wanted to see their children truthful, from time to time they have to state that children, like adults, lying. Lie children of all ages,…

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  Vacation with children – the "problem" faced by hundreds of thousands of parents worldwide. Needless to say that when it comes to vacation with a baby, "the problem" efficiently…

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Teach children to listen to music


Today’s parents less and less pay attention to, what music to listen to their child, remembering myself at that age and believing that each generation has its idols. From the point of view of pedagogy, this approach can be called quite humane and balanced, as children should have the freedom to choose and to decide what musical direction they prefer.

However, if we consider music not only in the context of intellectual and spiritual development of the child, but from a medical point of view, adults should seriously think about what listening to their baby.

Scientific studies show that classical and folk music has a beneficial effect on both the physical and the spiritual, but also on the psycho-emotional condition of the child, making it more balanced and tolerant towards other people. At the same time, rock and rap are not only the source of negative emotions, and increased aggression.

Experiments with animals and plants have shown that classical music, melodic and harmonious, promotes their growth. At the same time in the greenhouse, where every day sounds rock, flowers die within a week.

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How to analyze the figure of the child – the Answer to everything


While he is drawing, don’t get involved in the process, but follow the order of appearance of household on paper. When the picture is ready, ask the kid’s name all the characters in his paintings and get to the analysis.

– On sequence . the sequence of appearance of family members indicates the attitude of the young artist. Usually, the first children draw the most beloved or the most significant family member. If he forgot to paint someone – it means that with this man the child’s strained relationship. The child often portrays in the heart – so he was sure that his parents love him. Conversely, he feels abandoned and alone, if you do not have a picture of me at all.

– In composition . If the figure in the form of group photographs missing one of the family members, ask the child why he forgot it. Such incomplete portrait – a serious point to consider.

– In size . the greater the credibility of the child is the man depicted, the higher and greater will be his figure. Rejected children paint themselves as small, spoiled and may not accommodate his giant image.

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Adoption: meet the parents


Svetlana and Vladimir – the parents of Christina (pupils Tomsk orphanage) and angelina (pupils Tomsk children’s Home). They came especially for them to Tomsk from Ekaterinburg. I met them quite by accident in the camp, where the rest of the children of the orphanage, after their first meeting with Christina. No interview, by the way, was not planned and not expected.

Christina, as it turned out, was waiting for them for a long time. Therefore, as soon as they came into the game, immediately asked: “You will take me?”. I first witnessed a unique phenomenon, when three strange man, who yesterday did not suspect about existence of each other, suddenly realize that they are one family, so when the teachers took Christine into the dining room, asked for permission to turn on the recorder.

It turned out that in Ekaterinburg children for them was found, as this year there was a boom, which causes neither Svetlana or Vladimir can not explain and children in Yekaterinburg orphanages. So they started looking for her child in regional databases and came across photos of short-haired five-year Christina and her completely bald one-year-old sister angelina. As is always the case – something inside of my stomach, and they flew to Tomsk. Svetlana and Vladimir does not hide the fact that children chose on external qualities. The decisive factor – Continue reading