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Sex! What is the difference between a man and a woman?


It is known that “women are from Venus and men are from Mars”, and in the intimate sphere is particularly striking. We perceive sex differently. What exactly are these differences?

Men think more about sex

Most men younger than sixty think about sex at least once a day – experts say. However, only a quarter of women such ideas occur equally often. With age, sexual fantasies are gradually becoming more rare, however, in men, they fade much more slowly.

Men crave sex more

Research confirms the intuitive fact: men are more like to have sex, and no matter what stage of relationship they belong: in the beginning, in the middle or years later. And it concerns not only heterosexuals in a homosexual community gay men have more sex than lesbians.

In addition, revealing the following facts:

Approximately two-thirds of men admit to masturbating (with half of them for some reason feels a sense of guilt). For comparison – the gure for women is not more than 40%, while they masturbate much less frequently.

Prostitution is still mostly a one-way phenomenon: men buying sex from women. The reverse happens much less frequently.

The nuns are more disciplined in abstinence from sexual activity than male clergy.

Women are harder to get aroused than men

What gets women? Many of them are not able to specifically answer this question.

At northwestern University (Illinois, USA) carried out the following experiment: the scientists showed movies erotic heterosexual men and gay men and women. Next, they were asked to evaluate the degree of sexual arousal. This subjective evaluation was supplemented by objective data (to the genitals of the subjects was connected to a plethysmograph – an instrument for measuring the blood).

Results among men was quite predictable: heterosexual men said they were very excited with traditional video sex and sex between two women. The plethysmograph fully confirmed this fact.

Gay men are excited by the demonstration of gay sex between men, and this also was confirmed objectively.

But among women the results were unusual and extremely curious. Subjectively, they expressed the greatest degree of arousal from viewing sex between a man and a woman. However, the plethysmograph was recorded about the same reaction from women in traditional sex and same-sex (in both variations).

Thus, sexual desire of men is characterized by significant stiffness and one-pointedness, whereas women, in contrast, is very flexible in this regard. That is why the fair sex is much more common tendency to bisexuality, which is not always realized in full, but there’s invariably.

Sexual arousal women more dependent on social and cultural factors

Indeed, scientific studies have shown that sexual life of a woman very dependent on external factors, whether it be time, level of education, and the like.

For example:

Women’s attitudes to different variations of sex varies to a greater extent over time than men’s.

Women who regularly attend Church, belong to the sex with less enthusiasm. In men, a similar dependence is not detected.

Women increasingly hold sexual tendencies peculiar to their age group.

The higher the level of education women have, the more likely it brings variety in their sex life (e.g., engaged in oral or anal sex). For men, this phenomenon is not typical.

Women are fundamentally different way to achieve sexual satisfaction

Heard the expression: “Women love with their ears”? It turns out that this statement with regard to sexual satisfaction. For many women, romantic, sweet anticipation, and similar ephemeral subjective feelings are the fuel that ignites their desire.

Men are more simple and primitive. They do not need the winds of imagination, easily reaching the excitation without any detours.

However, this does not mean that the stronger sex does not need intimacy, love and trust in relationships. No, not really. But it is the sex they treat you differently. The woman is important to first form a personal connection before opening access to the undergarment. But for men sex is itself such a communication, the method by which they reveal their sensitive, vulnerable part of his nature.

Women have very other orgasms

If we talk about men, on average, from the beginning of intercourse to ejaculation is about 4 minutes. A similar figure for women is nearly twice – 10-11 minutes.

However, what is really fundamentally important – women always have orgasms. For men no discharge is the exception rather than the rule: 75% of respondents say ejaculate during each sex. The proportion of women who can boast such regularity, is only 26%.

Women’s libido is more difficult to treat with drugs

Despite the fact that the male libido is fading faster over time, it is comparatively easy to stimulate with the help of special medications. Regrettably, as effective medicines for women simply no.

This is due to the fact that testosterone – basically a hormone that generates libido – much more active functions in the male body than the female. Imagine a kind of hormonal Darts, where the role of the dart acts as a drug to increase libido. In men, the target for this dart – huge size, and women – miniature, with “Apple” not more than desyatikomnatny coins.

In addition, many experts consider that the drugs should not be the priority option for women who experience problems with libido. First, because only 12% of those found it is any significant problem. Secondly, as mentioned earlier, sexual life women are very dependent on environmental factors, and this in most cases is the most critical element.

More other interesting things about female sexuality and not only will you find on the pages of our special project “Women’s health” .