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Creative classes for children from one and a half years


As you know, many parents want to work with children, play educational games from birth (and someone even before). Learning to read through the cubes Zaitseva, “to swim before she could walk”, the teaching of English along with the Russian, the music from the cradle, and so forth. Montessori teacher Kaleikini Xenia will tell us about the creative activities with the baby .

“What is the significance of artistic activity for a child a year and a half?

Starting from infancy, the child shows interest in everything bright and colorful. So it will be interesting to explore the world through artistic activity . But when you first time to give still quite inept grips the brush, pencil, plasticine? Parents often think that these awkward fingers yet nothing can. Maybe he will stick it in your mouth? And if it gets dirty? And why he is all, he is still small!

Any psychologist and teacher will tell you that drawing, modeling – this is a necessary and useful method of early development. And it is better to start doing arts with one and a half years. You ask “How? After all, it’s too early?”. You can come to mind frightening thought: how to keep clothes, furniture and all the surrounding space from total staining of the apartment in as yet an unknown style of applying paint?

There are important rules that will help to dispel all the stereotypes . All you need to think things through in advance.

1. Select old clothes you do not mind staining in all colors of the rainbow.

2. Put on top of a special apron that is worth a penny. You can do it yourself.

3. To work take a small coffee table and leave it oilcloth.

4. As a workshop you can use the kitchen, because it is easier to wash the floor than expensive Palace in the living room.

5. Buying paint, get the paint, not watercolor and especially, not acrylic or tempera paints. Watercolor requires sophisticated equipment and a lot of patience. It is more transparent than gouache, which has a bright, rich colors, love the kids. Acrylic and tempera very difficult to wash off.

6. If the jars in the box are interconnected, it is better to separate them. The baby will be difficult to learn not to confuse color and DAB the brush all your favorite colors. Use the palette.

7. Do not rush it, given the possibility of age, otherwise the fun of creativity can quickly replaced encumbered battles for you about order. All in good time.

8. Perhaps many will not agree with the following belief, but for a toddler it is better to take a set of 12 colors, and the knowledge about the three main will come later. Here the emphasis is on the luminosity of conviviality, of a miracle!

9. Paper is better to choose thick and rough paper for watercolors). The sheet should be large enough. You can use old Wallpaper, but not vinyl – the paint should go well.

10. Than apply the paint? In the first place – brush number 6 and 7 in the pile of ponies. Why is it so? Because the kid is not an artist and does it matter what kind of brush did you give him? No, it is not so simple. Best available brush – this brush speakers, but also the most expensive. Too soft – protein. Too hard – the bristles. The brush is better to take a sufficiently thick.

11. Except for the hands can be successfully used cotton swabs, feathers, sponge, spikelets, grass, pieces of wood, crumpled piece of cellophane and the most interesting thing to draw with their fingers.

The purpose of these classes – not to teach a child painting. For this, growing up, he, if I want to finish art school. Main task – through the perception of the art, motor development and the raising of the emotional background. This is confirmed by neurologists who watched the kids on the two times a week. After six months of classes has seen significant progress in the development of fine motor skills.

In addition to painting, you can sculpt with the baby. What do I need?

1. The plasticine. rubber sheet, thick paper for details, Board for sculpting, stacks (if necessary), dry cloth.

2. Plasticine is better to choose not imported, and our Soviet. It should not be too rigid and dull.

3. You can combine the clay with natural material. colored paper, thread, beads, cereal, pasta and anything you wish.

Note: Many parents are surprised that the child resolve fine details at this age. But remember that the baby three years has the greatest sensitivity to small details (the term Montessori). A child who will know how to handle the subject, never pull it into his mouth.

However, it should be noted that no less importance has emotional and psychological background . where does the lesson. Every child is unique, as each figure, each hack. Try intuitively to find a balance between the idea and the creativity of the child. Sometimes you need time to clean the “masterpiece” that in the heat of creativity the child smeared it with one color. But we should immediately give you a clean slate to rush continued.

For kid important emotional . So find a good word to its picture. hang work on the fridge or show in the evening, dad. We should not overreact, novalima little man constantly, indiscriminately. Children aged two years prepared for criticism, a pretty good self-esteem.

And the last tip, don’t throw away the pictures . Let the kid knows what his art – it’s not garbage. Well if from time to time you will see him a folder of papers. But if they become too much, then ask the child to select the most successful and save them, and others eliminated. But if the child is against it, do not settle. Just imagine what would happen to you if your patties, prepared with love, first praised and then quietly threw it in the trash?”

Yeah, the last comment is straight to the point :). Thank you to Ksenia for this interesting and useful tips!

But to learn new skills at any age, fortunately now there are all possibilities even for very busy people. If you want to learn painting, you can go on a special weekend courses. And if you want to tighten up your level of foreign language – English lessons online will help you to learn without leaving home.