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Friendship between man and woman. Is it possible?


Friendship between a man and a woman. Is it possible?

The problem of friendship between a man and a woman has long been of concern to many psychologists and sociologists in our country and around the world. On this topic conducted surveys and studies, conducted numerous discussions. The main purpose of these studies is to ascertain the possible existence of a true friendship between a man and a woman. Certainly, many of us have also asked this interesting question. And is it possible friendship between a man and a woman ?

The influence of society on the friendship between a man and a woman

According to scientists, the idea that to be friends men and women are not destined, dates back to ancient times. Then the man and woman to be together exclusively on the terms of marriage. Other options simply did not exist.

Today times have changed dramatically. Women and men in our time together, work, rest, exercise regularly, spend the weekend, go shopping, etc. It’s by no means that between them there is a romantic relationship.

Quite a long time in society it was considered that the main purpose of the friendship between a man and a woman is only the creation of family and birth of children. The researchers argue that the friendshipbetween man and woman is either completely ignored, or acknowledged to be insignificant.

It was concluded, that friendship between man and woman, of course, you can, but only friendship in its purest form between them does not occur very often. There are several reasons.

Sexual attraction and tension:

friendship between a man and a woman

One of the most common and important causes that affect the friendship between a man and a woman can be called sexual tension and attraction. American researchers interviewed a huge number of men and women to learn what they like and dislike in their intersexual friendship. Most women stated that they do not like emerging sexual tension.

This can be explained by the fact that women usually expect from this type of relationship more emotional and trusting atmosphere. If between friends of the opposite sex thing still comes to intimate relationships, it is women who are more vulnerable to stress and psychological trauma.

Men, conversely, often answered that sexual attraction can cause to explore. They believe that sex is not only does not destroy a friendship, but even makes it stronger. In any case, 62% of all respondents reported that sexual attraction in their intersexual friendship is.

Other obstacles friendship between a man and a woman

Psychologists have called the main obstacles that may hinder the friendship between a man and a woman . Besides the problem of the sexual tension and attraction these include: the equivalence in assessing each other’s partners, the problem of public misunderstanding, but also a problem Dating men and women. The problem of public misunderstanding is that many people simply do not believe in the possibility of the existence of this friendship. If they see such friends, I think, actually, it’s not friends and are very close to each other people – lovers.

Positive aspects of the friendship between a man and a woman

Scientists in the course of the research found that, in addition to the difficulties of friendship between a man and a woman carries and also a large number of useful emotions. This applies both to men and to women. So, men have valued the friendship between a man and a woman as higher quality, but also brings more satisfaction when compared with sexual relations. A large part of the interviewed men reported that friends of the opposite sex they communicate differently on other topics, not as fellow men. Women’s in this friendship very attracted by the opportunity to joke and chat without a shadow of envy, malice and other troubles that can accompany intercourse with a girlfriend. Friendship with a man more easy, she gives the woman a sense of protection and warmth.

How to distinguish intersexual friendship to romance?

It is sometimes very difficult to distinguish friendship between a man and a woman from a romantic relationship. This is due to the fact that friendship and romance quite a lot in common. Let’s get this straight…

Friendship is commonly identified as a close relationship, based on mutual trust, affection and common interests. Friendship is not just communication, common interests and joint pastime. Friendship means more than that. We can say that friendship is a deep feeling. True friends always remain friends regardless of their circumstances.

What usually expressed friendship?

Of course, good friends together is always interesting. They trust each other their secrets, share their secrets. True friends are never jealous of each other, they are sincerely happy for the success of his friend.

Friends in any situation, ready to help each other. They respect each other and communicate regularly on a variety of topics. If not, then sometimes friendship can be broken. Of course, communicating frequently and versatile, friends see all the shortcomings of each other, but put up with them, as well as with his.

As for romantic relationships ,

they usually involve an idealization of reality and the object of love. Very often a romantic relationship based on sexual attraction, which of course is not in friendship. However, such a relationship does not always imply mutual respect and trust each other. It is important to note that one person can feel for another, both of these feelings at the same time, and the other absolutely none.

To find out what exactly you have for the person of the opposite sex, friendship, or a romantic affair, you need to understand that you are most attracted to. It should be noted that friends usually do not pay attention to the visual appeal of each other. Find out whether you his jealous friend of the opposite sex, as if it’s only friendship, jealousy between friends should not be.

How to save a friendship between a man and a woman

To ruin the friendship between man and woman is very simple. To avoid this, you should avoid any hint of any romantic aspect of your relationship. Respect your friend’s privacy.

Beware to bring in yourself or your friend romantic feelings. Avoid situations that can trigger an intimate relationship between you. Try not to socialize too often at a very Frank and personal issues.