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Teach children to read books


The young student, eagerly reading the book and asking to give him another armful of adventure — that’s the dream of every parent! However, in most cases, the picture is quite different. Every evening, the mother asks her child to read at least one page of a fairy tale — child fiercely resists and does everything not only to read and not even to see with your own eyes these books. Why is this happening?

Today’s children are too much passionate about computer games and watching TV. Moreover, parents often go on about their child, allowing them to sit in three years for a computer monitor and watching for hours children’s channels on TV. Also for some reason, many parents begin to sigh about the child, loveless books, only after five years, and before that reading, as a mandatory component of children’s mental development, is not considered.

Mostly parents always believe that to read a couple of bedtime stories is enough for a baby to love reading. However actually just read a couple of times a day little, one also has to know how to lose before the eyes of the child all actions of the tale. Read the tale “little Red riding hood” – show your child the Wolf, little Red riding Hood, the Hunter. Tired of tales written in books? Think of the tale themselves, and the story can be anything. Not necessarily that everything was neatly and professionally, the main thing that was interesting and entertaining. Moreover, these “tales” have to tell already at preschool age.

By the way, many kids love to fantasize and invent incredible stories. So parents should be very, very careful about such childish fantasies. The child should not boring to see the face of their parents during such an entertaining story, and the interest and curiosity. Baby need cheering up, ask him to tell another interesting story. For some reason many believe these “voobrazhala” nonsense and a waste of time. Then it turns out that great writers are also doing stupid things, writing stories and other works. Here, the works of Pushkin for children — simple fiction, but as we read them! So, if the child sees the interest in his stories of parents — he would be interested in “feeding” yourself with new stories and adventures from books. The child, seeing the interest of parents to “writing”, understands that writing is possible and even necessary, and in this age period the child begins to emerge a feeling of love for the book.

Modern parents want to see their baby at three real reader, which acquire a variety of educational materials, spend a lot of money. What is most interesting, most parents confident — able to read toddler will love to read the books. But in fact, the ability to read and a love of reading two different components. The child will read, but he loved to read, need to put in a little effort.

Why we love to read?

First. Our life is monotonous and boring, drab not “decorated” flying UFO, we physically can’t travel in a time machine from one century to another. Our friends don’t turn into snakes, spiders and frogs. In short, boring.

And in the book. And flying snakes, and a variety of amazing performances, fantastic characters do Good and Evil. In books everything is colorful and interesting.

Second. Any book event, you can live by yourself. And the kids have a strong sense of reincarnation. Such a quality of mind fades over time if it does not develop. Actors are known only through the gift of reincarnation. Well, don’t you imagined yourself in the role of Princess or Robin hood? Every girl in her childhood has dreamed of a Prince on a white horse.

Third. Reading books, you can learn a lot of interesting things about people, about the country, about the characters of people. Thanks to the books your child will learn what deeds are considered good, what is bad, what to do and what absolutely not.

So, from the above we can conclude: the child can instill the love for reading only by the imagination and writing. It is advisable not just to encourage your child to come up with the plot of the game, and to help him to compose the tandem. Let the story will be simple and not serrated. Most importantly, the desire and the aspiration to show to the child interesting a story where there is at least a little, but the plot, where there is a protagonist, and there is a place for inventing and adding new and innovative for the child.

No less important is the imagination of the child through which the child can see what to see in reality is impossible. The development of imagination in the child contribute to the molding and drawing. And to encourage your child to sculpt some figures and draw on a particular topic not worth it — the kid must decide what and how to do it. Even if on paper will be a simple BLOB with curves, and the child will see a lake with walking paths — great! Here it is — imagination! And do not laugh at the child if he tries to explain that wand drawn, nothing but a man, a child must see in the eyes of the parents, the acceptance and respect for the created product. If the child is to hear from parents smile and disapproval, it will be a little more careful in his statements and the arts. But if the kid will see the joy, and the attitude towards the characters in the future will be as enthusiastic and interesting. Kid will happy to draw robots, which I read recently in parents donated the book will portray on paper stories from the reading of fairy tales.

Read more good books, interesting fascinating stories, colorful illustrations show, play an entertaining game where the carpeting will become a river, and chairs stumps that need to get to the other side of the river (bed).

Toddler from early age should listen to good music, to hear the poems of the great poets — maybe he still does not understand anything of what was said, but hears a mysterious tone of voice mom during the story and understands one thing: what mother says is interesting.

The child needs to lead by example of love and reverence to the book. If the parents are after working the whole evening sitting in front of the TV or just talking, and books in the house are not permanent “guests”, and the child will not need to count, to read and especially love this entertaining and very fascinating process.