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What to do man, if ex-wife does not communicate with the child?


News Of Minsk. When the wife of Andrei Minevich left him, he was very worried and believed that she would change her mind. In vain. Tatiana just slammed the door and went underground. It was so deaf that neither the father nor the grandparents didn’t know what happened and where the missing wife, daughter and granddaughter.

Anna Minevich:

Angelina we do not see for a long time, and communicate to us does not give her mother, though, when applying for divorce, the son pointed to not prevent contact with the child. But she today hides it even from us.

What caused such hatred, ex-in-laws don’t know. But if the woman to drive to despair, she is ready for anything.

It will be delivered in Rogachev to his mother, else, say, somewhere, finds, in short, all sorts of fiction, notions and anything else, if only to wean the child away from us forever.

Recall that angelina’s mother left the family when married. A little later the formalities have been settled and the woman remarried, securing thereby horrifying statistics around the country.

Help STW:

Today Belarus is one of the world leaders in the number of divorces. Last year in Minsk for 1,000 marriages had 728 divorces. By the way, exactly 100 years ago in 1913 in Russia, which we were, in a thousand marriages accounted for only 1-2 divorce. Immediately after the revolution, anyone could write a statement about the divorce, and the marriage was terminated immediately. The Institute of marriage and family systematically and deliberately destroyed.

But back in our time, when the marriage and divorce had become commonplace and familiar, almost like go to the movies. The bad news is that in family conflicts include not only spouses, but also all those around.

Anna Minevich:

We also miss his granddaughter, grandpa cares, I want to go out on the street somewhere with it, I will look here again: go with children, and you have not.

Former daughter-in-law Tatiana strongly against communication daughter not only her father but her grandmother and grandfather, and even on the phone. Isolating the child ex-spouse explains simply: “angelina Has a new family: dad, grandpa and grandma.”

Anna Minevich:

See what a girl from us, and we’re not seeing her. Here is the bike we bought her.

To all serious holidays father and grandparents are buying baby gifts and send mail to the Gomel region. And believe that angelina’s mother conceals, congratulations from anyone.

Andrey Minevich:

The last time I saw my daughter in 2011 in the month of December when he filed the petition for divorce. I am very outraged by the behavior of his ex-wife. Want to see daughter at least a few times a year. Order it here or I agree to go to settle, to meet.

So happened that in a divorce the court almost always leaves to mothers of children. The latter is not always happy to communicate children with fathers who go to all sorts of tricks: change your place of residence, telephone numbers, names, do not open the door, do not answer the phone.

So, do maternal outrage towards ex-husbands impossible to stop?

Oleg Bakulin, head of the public Association “protection of the rights of fathers and children”:

In this case, another option is simply no need to go to court to sue on the procedure of participation in the child’s upbringing. Things like this almost all categories winning.

Of course, you can spit on parental feelings of fathers, but that’s the law we would not advise…

Oleg Bakulin, head of the public Association “protection of the rights of fathers and children”:

Mother some say, “But I don’t care what the court says, I will not let it. And the point”. Issued a writ of execution, shall be a negligent parent on liability for violation of this judgment and thereafter shall be held liable. Liability up to 40 base units.

And yet, single mom, in order to annoy her ex-husband, ready to go against the law, often without thinking of the consequences.

Oleg Bakulin, head of the public Association “protection of the rights of fathers and children”:

One of the women was fined 8 times. After that, she herself, no matter what the time is 10 hours, baby clothes, leads to the entrance and stands near the entrance, and standing by herself, waiting. Why, because she don’t want to meet with executives of the court, pay fines and listen to all the problems that come with it, including at work.

If fines not produce the desired effect, the court may make a radical decision.

Oleg Bakulin, head of the public Association “protection of the rights of fathers and children”:

In the future when such repeated violations may be the issue of the transfer of the child to the other parent, the one who does not violate the law.

By the way, where exactly and how much time the father should spend with the child, decides not mother.

Case from the practice. The administration of former spouse defined time of fellowship twice a month on Saturdays from 10.00 to 22.00. The father wasn’t enough, and he filed a lawsuit. The last determined time: weekly, Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00 Sunday. But it’s a father’s time to be with grandfather and grandmother?

Oleg Bakulin, head of the public Association “protection of the rights of fathers and children”:

They also have the right to see their grandchildren. Another thing that is not such powers they have, they are not responsible for the upbringing. For the education of the parents should be held. But to communicate they are entitled.

By the way, if the child is 10 years of age, the court takes into account his desire to remain with a parent.

Oleg Bakulin, head of the public Association “protection of the rights of fathers and children”:

No need to exacerbate parent-child relationships. Still kids once they learn that he is a father, loving, caring and attentive. And when children learn about it and realize that the mother may have problems with her parental authority.

Tedious and hard fight for angelina may turn out to sad girls. Recently a survey was conducted, which showed that 49% of young people aged 18 to 26 years old main drama of childhood is considered the divorce of parents. Doctors confirm: every fifth patient with neurosis child has experienced childhood separation from his father. Especially sharply it survive girls aged 2 to 5 years.

Tatiana Wakewich, chief freelance psychologist of the health Committee of Minsk city Executive Committee:

A very important point, which is the image of the father creates the mother, raising her own child. Not to mention the fact that “the Father is actually the devil incarnate, which is,” while still creating a kind of neutral position. The child is not abandoned property or the property of the Pope, nor the property of the mother.

Wait, that angelina’s mother finally did take pity on a former husband and father-in-law and will be allowed to participate in the education of girls, especially.

So the only way for the family of Misevica – a statement to the court. He definitely will determine whether a dad of a little angelina, said in the program “Good pageloads!” on STV.

Family Minevich:

Our beloved granddaughter Angelina, we really want you to see! We haven’t forgotten you, just know that we’re waiting for you, and your dad, and grandpa and grandma, and uncle – all we’re waiting for you! Contact us, ask your mother, she will give you to talk to us, ask, albeit it does not hide you, we are waiting.