Vacation with children – the "problem" faced by hundreds of thousands of parents worldwide. Needless to say that when it comes to vacation with a baby, "the problem" efficiently…

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The Adoptive parents. Who are they?
    Worldwide adoption of children left without parental care, becomes, so to speak, more and more popular. A lot of movie stars, show business, television, politicians become adoptive moms…

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What are mom


Mama — Baba Yaga

— Don’t eat, the doctor will come and give you a shot!

— Please hurry home, and then comes the bogeyman and drag you with me!

— You will not obey a police officer will pick you up!

— Don’t run away, get lost, and there was Baba-Yaga!

And why not to scare? He has something to fear. Otherwise, generally not to cope! We, when we were little, my mom listened to and feared.

— The time to sleep! March to their rooms! Only go for a minute to kiss grandma and dad. Nothing to ramble and whine, it’s time to sleep. I told you! Yes, and at night don’t need to jump, to run, to cry, to include light, call grandma, you’re big kids, remember what I said!

Get acquainted with the following character — mommy — Baba-Yaga.

This mom is trying to achieve the obedience of a child, threatening his requirements, ensuring obedience with anger and annoyance. If the little man does things differently then most often should be the punishment, including physical.

Baba Yaga rudely and peremptorily talking to children, only she knows what to do, so she points out, charge, head, diminishes a sense of their dignity, will not tolerate independence of children. She is easily irritated and vexed. Can shout and swear.

The role of Baba Yaga is my mother’s mask. She is not only terrible, but also cold, not see through it baby showers, too much focus on external diligence. Sooner or later the child will learn to play along, to fit in. He will hide behind his mask — closeness, coldness, his soul will be closed to the Baba-Yaga. He will be looking for warmth and trust in other people, because every living thing needs love and understanding.

If the child has long been under the yoke of strict requirements, threats, prohibitions, it may appear fears.

Why children have fears?

Fear in children is often the result of unwise behaviour of the parents.

Mother is in despair at the slightest provocation, threatening, in her opinion, a danger to the child, and “infect” baby its state of intense anxiety and fear.

Mom shifting of the burden and tension in his shoulders still immature – man’s son or daughter.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on: whether the mother of Baba-Yaga scares a child, whether herself is afraid of something, or afraid with the baby?

We cannot endlessly threaten the kid something terrible, the fact that something is going to happen. Children are very suggestible. The preschoolers real and fictional worlds do not have clear boundaries, my mother’s words that someone will come, take, give you a shot, you will be punished, are taken seriously, the child believes everything we told him.

When meeting with unusual, strange, new child in addition to curiosity and surprise may be acute, anxiety.

This state adults increase their unusual voice, appearance, behavior. For example, when trying to clear up.

In a vague, unclear situation of the child cover strong emotion, fear of the unknown. For example, children afraid of the dark and the mice are afraid to jump over the barrier, sick, afraid they will fall out of love.

All is not so simple. And Mama Yaga plays the role differently, and kids are different, and fears are different. For example, after constant bullying child is afraid to sleep without mom wakes up at night, day doesn’t want to stay alone in the room. Afraid of every shadow and sound. The child begins to perceive the world as a continuous danger. To frighten such child is not education, but cruelty!

To catch up a little bit of fear for the child to be persuaded that though afraid of something? Well, we are trying to scare their children daily and constantly: “don’t play in the wet sand, get sick!”, “don’t talk with other people’s children, will pick up the infection!”, “don’t run away, get lost or you will steal and will put in a bag!”

Childhood fears are a reflection of the parents

To young children’s instinctive, emotional level becomes restless, excited state adults. If the child is outwardly calm during the day, then at night he cries because he has a dream in which dad turns into an Ogre, and my mother — in Baba Yaga. When weakened nervous system threats and intimidation by the parents act as the impetus for the development of tics, stuttering, enuresis. Perevozbujdenie, the child begins to falter, stretch or repeat the words, often to blink, grimace, and as a result develops a neurosis.

Thus, the nervous condition of the children is a reflection of the conflict situation in the family, a nervous condition of parents, identity crisis .

The average age of the mother when the child is ill neurosis, 34 years, and fathers — 37 years. At this age in adults occurs most internal tensions, identity crisis. Need to look at ourselves, realize the flaws of his character, to rebuild relationships in marriage or with children, to become more Mature creative personality.

Mom turns to Baba Yaga or the investigator, if such an identity crisis is not overcome by solving the problem, if marital and parental relationships come to a standstill. Mom increases the internal stress, which affects the relationship with their children. It is a vicious circle. The greater the discomfort of the mother, the stronger the pressure on the children, the more frequent extremes in education. Parents take mutual resentment on the children, thus aggravating the situation.

Why in the family of Baba Yaga? You bad, naughty, unruly child by any means necessary to hold in the “hard time” or “overcome” identity crisis parents. Second more often. Very high price parents pay for the overcoming of the crisis — the health of your child, developing a neurosis.

The pressure on children is an inadequate way of solving their parents, adults, personal problems.

Baba Yaga in the story and in life.

Have you ever thought, dear mom and dad, why exist in fairy tales Baba Yaga and Koshchei the deathless, the dark knight and other monsters?

These characters are a figment of human imagination, they come to us from the world of folklore and fairy tales and live side by side with humans for centuries. Why do we have negative characters? After all, in fairy tales they cause unhappiness, to humiliate, to insult.

Psychologists believe that the emergence of pity, sympathy for the disadvantaged, the oppressed heroes of fairy tales is for kids first lessons of humanity. Children want to help humiliated and persecuted, I feel sorry for them and wish them to quickly defeat the forces of evil, to approve the kindness and justice.

Getting acquainted with Koschei and Yaga, the child learns to recognize the danger, learns to find strength in myself to overcome it.

Alas, the child repeatedly have to deal with negative phenomena: threats, dirty tricks, deceit and falsehood, indirect and direct aggression, unfriendliness, anger and envy deficient in the moral attitude of people who swear by power and capable of passing to humiliate others.

The tale is a school of discernment hidden, deep negative character traits and behavior of people.

Thanks to the tale for the experience that it gives to our children. Bad if between the life of a child tale and there is no difference. Bad if Baba Yaga lives in his house forever if she does not allow children to be themselves, to run, to jump, to Doodle, to have fun and make noise, be happy and confident.

Bad when Mama — Baba Yaga only requires forgetting:

— to buy pens and crayons, a drawing Board;

— praise for a small victory;

— to give the toy;

— to regret, to caress.

Let the dragon and the Beast of the Forest, the wizard and the witch continue to live only in fairy tales. Let our kids meet evil characters in fairy tales, but in real life feel loved and happy, confident people.