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Teach children to listen to music


Today’s parents less and less pay attention to, what music to listen to their child, remembering myself at that age and believing that each generation has its idols. From the point of view of pedagogy, this approach can be called quite humane and balanced, as children should have the freedom to choose and to decide what musical direction they prefer.

However, if we consider music not only in the context of intellectual and spiritual development of the child, but from a medical point of view, adults should seriously think about what listening to their baby.

Scientific studies show that classical and folk music has a beneficial effect on both the physical and the spiritual, but also on the psycho-emotional condition of the child, making it more balanced and tolerant towards other people. At the same time, rock and rap are not only the source of negative emotions, and increased aggression.

Experiments with animals and plants have shown that classical music, melodic and harmonious, promotes their growth. At the same time in the greenhouse, where every day sounds rock, flowers die within a week.

When studies have been conducted in the area of influence of rock music, pop music and rap on people, scientists came to a disappointing conclusion. Low frequency, high volume and monotonously repetitive rhythms have on man’s devastating impact, affecting the secretion of hormones, reducing the moral qualities and intellectual abilities. Children who are fond of these musical directions, different temper of character, inability to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions, they are more prone to stress and tend to use drugs and alcohol. That is why doctors today are seriously considering the phenomenon of musical addiction, calling rock and rap sound poison that can poison the body of any person and, primarily, of the child.

Of course, to forbid children to listen to what they like, not worth it – this approach will only create conflict in the family. However, to avoid such situations, since childhood, kids need to instill a love of classical music. Only in this way at a later age they can be protected from the harmful effects of those music styles that promote physical and spiritual degradation. Practice shows that in families where the children from the first years of life comprehend the beauty and harmony of classical music, and also to get appropriate education, conflict on the grounds that you listen to the kid, as a rule, does not arise. Fashionable musical trends are simply not interested in the child, because he can’t find something new and interesting.

Moreover, the music without the spiritual component and not a carrier of positive emotions, gives these children a misunderstanding, because in most cases does not meet their requirements and ideas about perfection and does not match the level of their intellectual development.

Listening to music in the family has a strong impact on children. The attitude of parents towards music is passed to the child.

If adults interested in listening to works with it

speak, your attitude, explain your feelings, it affects the baby: he grows spiritually, formed his taste, affection.

Conversely, the indifference of parents to the music, and hobby only “easy” music prevents the comprehensive development of the child, impoverishes his horizons.

Maybe some tips will help you and your baby to enter the huge and wonderful world of great music.

First of all, remember that any piece of music you must listen, not being distracted by anything else.

Importantly, of course, want to hear it! You need to try hard to follow closely what is happening in music, from the beginning to its conclusion, covering hearing the sound behind the sound, not missing anything.

Music will always reward the listener for it, giving him a new feeling, a new mood, before perhaps never tested.

2 .At first you should not listen to major musical works, because you can fail. Because the habit of tracking hearing for sounds not yet been developed and attention is not enough disciplined. Therefore it is better to choose to listen small works.

3 It can be vocal music (music for voice) or instrumental (performed in various musical instruments). Listening to the sounds, try to hear and distinguish dynamic shades muzikalnoie . To determine whether they make expressive musical performance.

4 of Course, listen to vocal music easier , because the text is always prompt about what I wanted to tell the composer. What thoughts I wanted to share.

In instrumental music there are no words. But that does not make it less interesting. Take a tape of known compositions of Tchaikovsky’s “Children’s album”. What are the only life and even fantastic situations are not displayed in this music!.

The composer, like a painter with a brush, painted a musical paints a surprising picture of a child’s life.

Here and “playing horse”, and “March of the wooden soldiers”, etc.

Here you will hear very affectionate, dreamy pieces

“Sweet dreams”, “Mother”, “Winter morning”, and many other charming musical sketches.

(Prokofiev, Grechaninov).- albums.

6.From time to time it is necessary to go back to listening to those same works. You can imagine their sound to easily and quickly learn. The more often I listen for the familiar ones, so they are each time more and more like them.

But always listen to the music carefully, without distraction, thoughtfully.

It is important to monitor not only the change in the dynamic shades, and at the height of the sounds, the speed of their shifts. We must learn to enjoy the colorful music of the waterfall and be able to subtly distinguish each crystal stream. Learn to compare them, enjoy them.

Try to make listening to music as a regular activity, scroll to special hearings.

Nothing should distract the child from communicating with music, you can never do this hastily.

Great holiday in a child’s life can be a meeting with the music in the concert hall. The atmosphere of the Palace, where “live” music, creates a special emotional state, is a keen desire to touch the beautiful.

It is very useful to listen to the same works performed by various soloists and ensembles, to watch the performances with different cast. All this will help to expand knowledge of music, will not only allow you to think clearer, and feel deeply.

If you want your baby’s heart yearned for good, beauty, humanity, try to teach him to love and understand music! Teach him, learn with him.