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Cough in infants: types, causes, treatment


When the parents noticed cough in infants, their attitude may be different. Someone is not paying attention to him, especially if it is not accompanied by a runny nose and fever. Others dramatize the situation and literally «heal» baby. None of these behaviours is not correct. The child stopped to cough, you must first find the cause and correct diagnosis, and then to begin treatment.

What is a cough and how it happens

Coughing is a reflex by which to clear the airway. Cough in infants, however, as an adult, looks like a sharp exhale. When the air escapes from the lungs with high speed, which helps open up the airway. Regarding the causes of cough are:



Physiological cough is a common phenomenon. It is not considered a symptom of any disease. Its main purpose is the cleaning of the respiratory tract that can score accumulated mucus. It is important to remember that manifested physiological cough in children without temperature. Also the boy’s condition is not deteriorating and remains at a normal level.

Pathological cough could be a symptom of one of the following diseases:





sore throat;






pulmonary infection;

bronchospasm in bronchial asthma;



In addition, the cough in infants can say that in the airway got something. In other words – the kid choked. Unfortunately, it happens quite often. The reason for this become defective rattles that children gnaw and remove colored balls. And so I want to try! Also in the throat of the child can get such absurd items as a feather from the pillow or hair.

If the cough in infants is caused by the inhalation of a foreign body, the baby can appear related symptoms:

lost voice;

difficulty breathing;

cyanotic skin;

disturbed consciousness.

In this case you need to retrieve the object yourself or to call an ambulance.

Distinguish cough hearing

If mom listen carefully, you will notice that the cough in infants is different in sound. So you need to pay attention, as the correct description of the problem will help the doctor easier to diagnose. Depending on the sound of the cough in infants is:

Dry cough, in turn, is divided into:




Each type of cough indicates a particular disease. For example, surface cough occurs in infants with pharyngitis. Often it is accompanied by hoarseness. Pulmonary cough occurs with bronchitis or pneumonia. This type of cough is exhausting, it is characterized by bouts lasting more than a minute.

Barking cough is likely a symptom of dangerous for infants and children up to three years) disease laryngitis. In some cases, the disease can cause swelling of the larynx that leads to the impossibility of breathing. It is therefore very important at the first signs of barking cough to seek help from doctors to call an ambulance.

Wet cough in a child may occur only in the morning or throughout the day. Morning cough due to the accumulation on the back of the throat mucus. It can drain during sleep from the nose or climb out of the esophagus. In the morning the child is coughing, and mucus departs. Then during the day the cough is not observed.

If a wet cough in a child is manifested in all day, so in the body’s inflammatory process. Mucus is formed so that it has no place to go but down his throat. Babies can’t self-release nose with a cold, which increases the number of mucus that runs down her throat. When inflammation it often happens that wet cough in a child without fever passes. In this case, to show the presence of inflammation can blood.

When the cough is not associated with diseases of the throat?

Above was the case when the cause of cough was a hit in respiratory ways of alien bodies. Also among the diseases, the symptoms of which is pathological cough, allergies were listed and helminthiasis. Identify the specific cause in appearance of cough and related symptoms does not always work. So you need to pass the required tests: a blood test, a stool sample.

Allergic cough in a child causes a direct contact with the allergen. He fails in the treatment of usual «antitussive» means. To alleviate the condition of the baby and the weakening of the symptom should eliminate the allergen. They can be animal hair, dust, certain product, pollen or something else.

Child coughs when helminthiasis for the following reason. The larvae of worms develop in lung tissue. For a full life and power they need to get into the gastro-intestinal tract. When you cough they take off from the lungs and into the mouth. And from there easily reach a desired destination.

How is it treated?

To get rid of the cough, you need to find the cause. For this you should visit several doctors. The thing is that none of the experts can not fully examine the child. For example, the pediatrician will listen to your baby to prevent wheezing in the lungs, but can not inspect the nose, throat and ears at that level, which will make it LOR. In turn, the ENT will examine thoroughly all, but listen to the lungs will not.

So if the baby coughs, you first need to visit the pediatrician, and then Laura. If the blood test will be increased eosinophils, a pediatrician will give a referral to an allergist. If morning wet cough in a child is not accompanied by wheezing in the lungs and excessive discharge in the nose, a doctor may give a referral to a gastroenterologist.

When the cause is found, treatment is directed at its elimination. Immediate treatment requires a dry cough. It is also called non-productive, i.e., it only hurts, and output the accumulated phlegm. Special preparations unproductive dry cough is translated in wet – productive. Wet cough is curable, only if it hurts the baby. Then the doctor may prescribe drugs that suppress the cough reflex.

For infants usually prescribed cough syrup for children. It is easier to take than pills. For older children – sprays, lozenges (3 years), breast fee (12 years). Also good results are obtained by treatment with the nebulizer. With the help of this device inhale, then the medication directly into the lungs or bronchi.

Treatment of cough in children requires a competent approach. The appeal in this case a doctor is strictly necessary. Follow all his recommendations and do not get sick!

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