How to teach a child to potty
  "The child is already a year old, and he still can't walk to the potty", — Kolko throws an experienced neighbor or loving mother-in-law. And you zealously undertake to…

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Chicken POX symptoms chicken pox, chicken pox treatment in children
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Why is the child crying?


The child wants to eat, so he cries. A child may eat less breast milk, formula, cereal, it depends on the child’s mood, the weather outside, nastroenia in the family, the living conditions of the child in the apartment. If your child eats less food, then the stored energy is not enough for the same period of time. If a child feels hungry, he starts to cry and demand a meal, to attract his mother’s attention. To ensure that the child was not crying, his need to feed. However it is not necessary to feed the baby every time he cried because you create a situation of overfeeding.

The child is hot or cold, so he cries . At high temperature in the house, inappropriate child care may appear diaper rash, which give the child more discomfort in the form of itching. In order to resolve the cry in such situations it is necessary to undress the child for some time has been without diapers, if the apartment is too hot. Or, if the apartment is 18-20 degrees, it is necessary to wrap it.

If you drop the baby head cap, the cooling process takes place faster. You should not create a draught in the room where the child is. To ventilate the room where the child, must. Baby clothing should be of natural material, without synthetics, as synthetics reduces the air exchange with the environment, prevent sweating, the evaporation of moisture from the skin. It is important to conduct daily air baths. If the child has diaper rash, the child will need to undress, you can use soothing creams and powders.

Why is the child crying? Maybe he took a shit or pee. The use of diapers contributes to loss of control of urination, they are difficult to potty train, they continue to write in bed. If the child is wearing a diaper, after urinating, he does not feel discomfort, urine is absorbed, the child continues to sleep peacefully. However, if your child is actively playing before going to sleep, the diaper can be twisted, urine may leak, then you need to change a diaper.

Why is the child crying?

Why is the child crying? Maybe he had problems and difficulties of absorption of food? If the baby suckles, the crying may be associated with a small amount of milk in the breast, resulting in the child eats. If a child is to feed with a bottle, the cause of the crying — a small hole in the nipple or too big. In this situation you need to change the nipple through which the child receives a mixture by first identifying – what kind of pacifier: with a small stream, medium stream, large stream to replace the old nipple.

Crying can sidealthough about the pain, the pain occurs when the disease, herpes. The pain may be inflammatory avsenik in the ears — otitis. The pain occurs when duranie jaw thing. Definitely need to contact your pediatrician, who will direct them to Laura. Treatment consists in prescribing antimicrobial drugs. Crying child and when nasal congestion, runny nose, as during feeding he can’t breathe through your nose, you have to breathe through your mouth.

Why is the child crying? Crying after feeding can occur when excessive ingestion of air, it leads to hyperinflation of the walls of the stomach, the appearance of colic to the baby. Air can zaputyvaetsja when improper technique of feeding. The child is not fully swallowing the nipple of the breast, in the tightness of the mouth, into the stomach enters the air. When bottle feeding, it is necessary to monitor the level of the mixture, to avoid swallowing air. After feeding the children need to wear or to hold the bar 10 minutes to burp the air to even get caught in the stomach air.

Why is the child crying? A baby may cry when neurological disorders and worm infestations. Crying at night can often occur when increased intracranial pressure. Children restless sleep, can’t choose the situation, the children moaning, whimpering, crying softly. It is important to consult a neurologist to confirm the diagnosis, prescribe treatment.

Night crying may be associated with helminthic infestation, night activity of parasites increases, this is especially true of enterobiasis in children. Anxiety and crying baby can happen in the morning when the maturation of the eggs of the worms. You need to perform a scraping on enterobiasis. to take the analysis of a feces on eggs of worms. Upon detection of hookworm infestation in a child, treated the whole family.

Why is the child crying? A baby crying can occur when walking to the toilet. During urination children can cry in pain most Often it is connected with urinary tract infection. This pathology is most likely to occur in girls, especially in poor hygiene. Wash away the girls from the pubis to napravlenii the anus and not in the reverse direction, another, is the infection from the intestine, in particular Escherichia coli, the Ogre on the sex of children.

For proper diagnosis pass urinalysis, ultrasound examination of kidneys and bladder to rule out congenital abnormalities. Chronic constipation may develop pain when urinating, it is associated with rectal fissures. Administer medical enemas, ointments, which have a healing effect.

Why is the child crying? The appearance of crying, moodiness in the evening may be connected with increased overexcited child. In the room where the baby sleeps, there should be no strange annoying sounds, light should be soft and subdued. With increased excitability of the child, you need to consult a neurologist. Over time, parents begin to understand the shades of the crying child that helps them to care for him.

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