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Chicken POX symptoms chicken pox, chicken pox treatment in children


CHICKENPOX or varicella is a disease very common. Although the title of the sores and there is the dreaded word “pox”, but in fact the chicken pox – the disease is not severe, but unpleasant.

Varicella, or colloquially simply chickenpox . caused by viruses and transmitted this infectious disease by airborne droplets, almost that the wind is transferred. And unlike the flu, the source of infection of chickenpox almost always known, because in kindergarten usually get sick all the friendly team.

The chickenpox virus is very sticky, spreads rapidly in closed spaces. So to pick up the sore and can from the neighbor in the stairwell. But sometimes infect the baby and can a grown man that has no visible signs of chicken pox . but suffering from an extremely unpleasant disease called “herpes zhostera” ( herpes zoster ).

The fact that the causative agent of smallpox . after the disease is stored in a “dormant” state in the spinal cord. Later during stress, decreased immunity and other unpleasant virus wakes up and can cause an adult is very painful disease shingles.

Basically, these adults infect helpless infants, to which no sensible mother will not let the kindergartner with chickenpox . but an adult with herpes please.

Chicken pox all boleeyut

Learning that you have in the garden chickenpox . do not worry. It is better to postpone this childhood infection at a tender age. Chickenpox in adolescents and adults is much greater. In pre-revolutionary Russia mom, having heard that the neighbors kids had the chicken pox . arose on a visit, knowing that the sooner the baby “planning” you overcome, the better.

Ill with chicken pox toddler contagious 1-2 days in the incubation period and before the 5th day from the onset of the last rash. From the onset of the disease may take from a week to three. However, most often the incubation period is 2 weeks.

A rash is the main symptom of chickenpox

Rash everywhere, and different, every is the main symptom of chickenpox . Pours on the face, scalp, trunk, limbs. When the rash appears, the baby has a fever, sometimes up to 38-39 C ( although in some children the temperature is not at all ). The child becomes listless, cranky, he has decreased appetite. But not for long and is not always!

The rash appears first in the form of a pale pink spots. Then they turn into blisters filled with clear liquid. The bubbles are surrounded by a halo of reddened skin. Already on the 2nd day the contents of the vesicles become cloudy, and the surface is wrinkled and covered with brown crusts. They fall away after only 1-3 weeks. On the body of the baby may be present simultaneously and spots, and blisters, and crusts.

The fact is that, in the apt expression of infectiologists, the spiked elements appear repeatedly within 4-5 days of the disease. As a rule, each new wave of the rash coincides with the deterioration of the General condition of a child with chickenpox .

Pruritus is a manifestation of the chicken pox

Chickenpox is the biggest problem for mom and for baby – severe skin itching . The smaller the baby, the harder it is to explain what can’t scratch it! It is fraught with infection of wounds by bacteria, because the child’s body weakened. If this happens, the skin may be traces of a lifetime – little scars, so-called ospinki.

So spend with the child, is sick with chickenpox explanatory conversation. In this situation, ladies, caring for current and future beauty, are more manageable. Boys are harder. But worth a try!

Treatment of chickenpox

Care for patients with chickenpox

The baby’s nails should be neatly trimmed. Moreover, the claws can scratch the skin, so still mourning the crescents under children’s nails – a real hotbed of infection. If the child is very small, put it cotton gloves.

Daily change underwear. T-shirts and shirts should be only of natural materials, better not very new. You can even highlight your baby nightgown or t-shirt. Worn the fabric is soft and will not bother the child.

Pay attention to bedding. Starched sheets leave for another time – they are soft enough for a patient with chicken pox .

Try to the house was a comfortable temperature, not kotite baby, sweat intensifies itching.

And of course, the most efficient means is your love and all sorts of entertainment. Such distracting activities help very well!

Lubricate the bubbles on the choice of a weak solution of potassium permanganate ( 1-2% ), water, alcoholic solution of brilliant green ( 1-2% ), a solution of fukanzen, solution of rivanol ( 0,05% ) or an aqueous solution of methylene blue ( 1% ). This will help to dry the blisters.

If baby has a rash on the mucous membrane of the mouth, regularly rinse with a weak solution furatsilina or Miramistin.

If the itching subsides, it is possible to consult with the doctor regarding the appointment of a child, sick with chicken pox . antihistamines.

Note the drinking regime of the kid with the chicken pox . Juices ( preferably diluted in half with water ), broth hips, cranberry juice, tea, black currant must be present in its menu.

Do not forget about restorative remedies – vitamins. This will help to cope with chicken pox is much faster.

We remind you again that it is better to recover from chicken pox in childhood, in adults, the disease is much more complicated.