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Sex-Role education


Purpose: to help parents to understand the importance of the problem of sexual education of children and the role of the family in this work; to acquaint with the content, forms and methods of work on the issue of gender identity of children in preschool education institution; promote active interaction with teachers in the discussion of this problem; to acquaint with the results of diagnostic tests for the method of “My family”.

Preliminary work:

Questioning of parents “Sex education for preschoolers”.

Diagnostic testing “My family”.

Making parent corner “Boys and girls”.

“The Treasury issues” — collection of issues of interest to parents on the topic.

Recommendations “Especially the education of boys in the family, Especially the education of girls in the family.”

Conducting classes for children “Boys and girls”.

The course of the meeting-the Studio

Presenter (V.). Dear parents! Our meeting is devoted to a very complicated problem — the sexual education of children. Now attitudes have changed and in pedagogy, and in medicine, and in psychology. We propose to build our evening thus. First look the lesson with the children on the theme you are discussing today. Then talk about what qualities should be educating our boys and girls: this question, judging by the “Treasury issues,” you care very deeply about. Help us in this teacher social.

Will acquaint you with the test results, which convincingly shows how the child feels in the family, one of its members feels closer. While watching practice observe your child, how he behaves, how to digest the information. Using the technique of “colour symbolism”, evaluate the activities of their child. To do this, select one of the colored circles: green, if the activities of the child in class was, in your opinion, successful; red — if the child has learned nothing.

Discussion of the qualities that you want to instill in our boys and girls.

Teacher social. Dear parents! To discuss the theme, you need to determine what sex education. (Statements of the parents.) Sexual education of the child is as follows:

the mastery of culture, relations of the sexes;

the formation of the appropriate gender behaviours;

the correct understanding of the role of men and women in society.

Literally all of the main categories of pedagogy suggests that sexuality education begins in the family. Therefore, parents should teach children the culture of interaction, to form an appropriate gender behavior model, describe the role of men and women. But, as shown by the questionnaire that you filled out, not all have information on this topic in sufficient volume, and not everyone thinks that sex education is necessary.

In the framework of sex education occurs sexual identity of the child — he identifies with the parent of their gender and simulates its behavior. How is this process? First, under the guidance of adults, in accordance with generally accepted traditions, through imitation of adults a child learns to be a boy or a girl, begins to find differences in clothing. Then gradually the typical behavior of men and women imprinted in consciousness of the child, and he imitates the adult, copying even harmful social habits, such as Smoking, drinking, swearing. At the same time there is a differentiation in preferences games, toys — children take on the roles of men or women. Girls know and can do more in the sphere of everyday life, and boys in the field of technology.

The development of self-awareness leads to awareness of oneself as a boy or girl. In 3-4 years the child already knows who he is, but does not know what content should be filled with the words “boy” and “girl”.

As already noted, the orientation of the child on the value of your gender occurs primarily in the family. The child imitates mainly those who is a representative of his gender. In small families the boys focus on fathers and imitate them girls at mothers. In a large family, gender identification occurs by older brothers and sisters. In a single-parent family, the process of identification is more difficult. If the family is absent dad, the boy develops more as a girl: he forms the submission, effeminacy, carelessness. Therefore, lonely mom want to grant your son the opportunity to interact with older men, grandpa, friends.

Gender identity, i.e. the adoption of a style or another adult, is formed in children 5-6 years as a unity of experiences and role behavior. By this time they understand that sex is forever: a boy, when he grows up, becomes a man, and the girl — woman.

Now let’s find out what kind of floors, children identify themselves. Everyone knows who they are boys or girls, but not everyone can explain how you know this. Some explain it this way.

Jan. Learned that she is a girl from wearing earrings.

Xenia. I was told about this mom and dad.

Karina. I’m a girl because my face looks beautiful.

Nastya. I looked in the mirror, I have long hair. So, Alan, Vic and I were girls.

Pasha. Learned by name.

Eugene, Dima. We are boys, because we don’t have braids, skirts and earrings.

Roma. I’m a boy because my boy was called Roma parents and also called.

Teacher social. Answering the question “What distinguishes a boy from a girl?”, almost all children say that boys and girls are different clothes, shoes, hair, hands, and feet, head. Some say so.

Dasha. Girls go nicer, but everything else was the same.

Danik. The boy a little bit older, he’s an adult, and the smaller girl.

V. We have prepared for you on the topic of “Quality, which is important to educate boys and girls”. The envelopes are cards with listed qualities (kindness, courage, femininity, boldness, aggressiveness, thrift, thrift, etc.). Select those that you would like to see your son or daughter (put them on the left), and the qualities that you are not satisfied and you do your best to banish them in your child — put right.

Now, compare your expectations with the fact that, according to psychologists, is the sex. There are no principle differences. Of course, we all want the daughter grew soft, kind, caring, beautiful, graceful, and his son was strong, courageous, adventurous. And, of course, no one chose as desirable traits for their child’s aggressiveness, hysteria.

Offer to make a diagnosis, which will help to understand how the child feels in the family, to which of its members it feels closer. Circle on a sheet of paper: the hand is placed with the fingers. “Position” on the fingers themselves and their family members (procedure “Palm” by V. Yu. Petukhovo). Compare the picture of their child with their own. Matches? No. There is something to ponder.

V. it is Impossible to discuss all our questions of sexual education of children in one meeting, so the parent’s area we will periodically post information with answers to your questions from the “Piggy Bank”. A portion of which we answered in the next issue of the newspaper “Friendly family”, dedicated to the education of our girls and boys.

V. will Exchange impressions about our congregation. At this time, the proposed method of “Sayings — mirror the mood”. Please read the list of sayings. Select one or two that you particularly liked and which best suit your mood. If you want, you can use any other words. Choosing sayings, comment on them.

Measure twice — cut once.

Courage takes.

Father is a fisherman, and children in the water watching.

In the family and porridge thick.

From young, as out of wax, what I want, and vylepili.

The doctrine is the path to skill.

How will accustom to the Director.

Who knows the way, he does not stumble.

Not knowing is not a shame, a shame not to want to know.

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