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The Influence of music on children – the impact on the psyche and development of the baby

the Impact of music on children

Music is a special world with bright colors, wonderful melodies and pleasant tones. There is hardly even one person music can remain indifferent. Numerous scientific studies have proven the beneficial effects of classical music on children and adults, as well as animals and even plants. Oddly enough, but the melodious music is able to stimulate the growth and development of all living things.

The influence of music on child development

The influence of music on child development is really very significant. Children have a very sensual perception of what surrounds them. Therefore, the music they react in a special way, more openly and directly. If you enable a young child to classical music by Bach, Beethoven, and, for example, of Mozart, he will quickly learn to distinguish between them and soon will no longer ask You to include Bach. It’s completely natural, because this composer lived a hard fate, and most of his works it reflects very brightly. Adults appreciate music in a different way, from the point of view of complexity and unexpected decisions, but children are just ways to feel the feelings of the composer. And that’s fine. Therefore, parents should introduce your baby to the world of classical music as early as possible to keep it in the immediacy of perception, sensuality and openness.

The influence of music on children is simply amazing. Music affects not only the intellect and abstract thinking of the child, it also helps to develop memory and imagination. Music activates the kids all kinds of perception – auditory, visual and sensual. In addition, together with perception, developing and memory – auditory, visual, motor. as well as associative and imaginative. With such serious tools, the child begins to make progress in other subjects. After all, if he is able to imagine the emotions that put the composer in his work, he can easily represent events that describes the class, the teacher of history or geography. And such creative thinking will allow the student to quickly learn the material of any complexity.

Useful for music and mathematicians. Because the rhythm and melody of the music works are able to teach the child very naturally and accurately perceive space and time. In addition, the music teaches the child to Express their thoughts and feelings. Very often children are so emotional that I can’t words to Express my joy or tell about their experiences. And the music, despite all its diversity and richness, is built from the notes and frets, and has very clear rules of writing. Therefore, the kids who know how to play musical instruments and understand music notation literacy, often also making progress in the writing of essays and poems. It turns out that music not only gives us pleasure, it affects many other areas of our business.

The influence of music on children’s health

The influence of music on children’s health, also is the place to be. Music can directly affect our body. For example, the human nervous system and the muscles are able to internalize the rhythm. How often do we start to dance or, without noticing it, tap your fingers when the sound of rhythmic music. But if you enable a calm and melodious music, the heartbeat slows, breathing becomes deeper, and the mind calms down. Such physiological influence of music on the body is able to enhance the concentration of the person, increase attention and concentration.

Also classical music is able to restore the reflexes in the newborn. Therefore, doctors recommend pregnant women to listen to Mozart’s works a few hours a day, and to include classical music in your child’s room in the first months of his life.

In addition, the music used for the treatment of stuttering in children, because, as it turns out, to sing to the person much easier than talking. But if, for example, a baby listening to the music, he used the other says their first sounds and words, because the music itself stimulates his wiggling tongue, while activating mental activity and as if impelled to communicate.

The influence of music on the psyche of the child

The influence of music on the psyche of the child begins in the womb. Music can positively affect the psyche of a healthy child, but it is also often used as a means of correction of various disorders in children in psycho-emotional sphere. Music therapy used for problems in communication, isolation, fear and other psychological diseases of varying degrees of complexity. The music used for the normalization and harmonization of the status of the baby, relieve stress, enhance emotional tone, restore balance in the psycho-emotional sphere, as well as the correction of deviations in personal development.

Psychologist selects for the child exactly those pieces of music that are able to reveal and affect his mind. If parents want to pursue music therapy as a prevention, they can quite unobtrusive to give the child to listen to the music that is able to influence it. For example, if the baby is quiet and shy, while he sits, draws or plays with his toys, you can include rhythmic March or quick polka. This will definitely make him move and strengthen. But if the child, on the contrary, hyperactive. while he’s running around the room, turn on the classical Symphony, and he calms down a bit. And if you do it every day, the character of the kid it is possible to adjust. And indeed listening to classical pieces can lift your mood, improve health and improve the health of all family members.

Don’t forget that music is useful not only to listen but also to sing. Mother’s lullaby, without doubt is able to lull a restless baby, but it also improves lactation and mother. When the child grows, it is very useful to sing along, slow and melodic songs.

Choosing music, consider the mood and character of the crumbs to a musical work brings You and the baby only positive emotions. And then the music will become a harmonious part of Your life, filling it with new colors and emotions.