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Vacation with children – the “problem” faced by hundreds of thousands of parents worldwide. Needless to say that when it comes to vacation with a baby, “the problem” efficiently increases the complexity, and how the right solution will be found often depends not only mood, but also the welfare and health of the baby. However, as we know, all genius is simple, and even the most complex problems sometimes found a very simple solution. Below are some of these “simple” solutions that, hopefully, will help You to make your holiday with a small child is not the problem, but a universal pleasure.

So, first of all, decide the direction. Contrary to popular belief, relax with a small child and it is necessary not only near but also far away from home. Therefore, along with good rest at home. You with a clear conscience can choose a holiday abroad. Consider the second option from the point of view is not burdened parent wallet, and it will become obvious that for families with a young child ideal Bulgaria with its beautiful sand beaches, clear sea, delicious, largely almost familiar, a kitchen and, of course, plenty of entertainment for children of all ages and adults.Good reviews about family vacation tourists leave about the hotel Atlas 4* and Berlin Golden Sands 4*, Gelios Park 3*.

As usual, the most numerous and most popular destination was and still is Turkey. The above-mentioned requirements, it fits perfect and can always offer the perfect compromise on price and quality family holiday. Among the many resorts of this country the most popular for families with children are considered Alanya, Kemer and Belek.

One of the best children’s hotels Alanya recognized Delphin Botanik Hotel 5* (animation, mini disco and mini club, children’s pools and Playground, highchairs, Cribs, strollers on request). Perhaps the only negative of the hotel is a sunset in the sea, not too comfortable for kids. Otherwise it can be called a great place for a family holiday.

In Kemer, among many other family-run hotels, it can be noted Pirates Beach. Children will certainly be enticed by the romance of pirates, treasure, treasure and adventure, while their on site a lot. During the day children will be involved in fun entertainment programs and competitions, children’s mini club, and in addition, they offer a water Park, a wave pool and a mini zoo.

Belek is a luxurious and fashionable resort for a relaxing family holiday. Here most of the hotels meet the highest industry standards, and hotels “for children” is no exception. Such may be deemed to be, for example, the Crystal Family Resort and Spa 5* (mini-clubs, baby menu, animation, mini disco) and Calista Luxury Resort 5* (a wonderful hotel, where there is a mini-clubs for children of different ages, from very young to teenage, unlike most other hotels, where the mini-club welcomes children from 4 to 12 to 14 years).

Greece provides all the features for a family vacation at various resorts on the mainland and on the Islands. This is a great option for those who require a higher level of service than it currently provides Bulgaria, but who do not want the entire vacation at the hotel, as is usually the case in Turkey. Many beautiful Greek hotels 4-5* hotels offer a completely free stay for children if they are traveling with two parents and create all conditions so it was memorable. It should be noted that in many Greek hotels missing Russian animation. Recommended hotels for families with children is a network Capsis and Mitsis, Grecotel, Aldemar, and especially Esperos Palace, where there is a children’s amusement Park, children’s cafeteria and a mini-club, host younger campers aged 3 to 12 years.

Cyprus is also a great place for families with kids, fully meets all the requirements for such a holiday. On Cyprus is easy to reach; here, a great climate, suitable not only for recreation, but also healing; it’s safe and clean, great attitude to tourists and especially to the tourists with toddlers, for which all conditions: mini-club and mini-pools, cots and high chairs in hotels, playgrounds and an experienced nanny. Many hotels, even budget 2-3*, located on the first line or directly on the beach. For families with children are recommended Olympic Lagoon Resort 4*, Grecian Bay 4* and Adams Beach 5* Ayia NAPA, Elias Beach 4* Park Beach and 3* in Limassol and many others.

In recently conducted the largest travel portal Tripadvisor study, Spain was ranked 6 out of 10 places in the ranking of European resorts and hotels for families with children, with prizes divided in half resorts of Mallorca and Menorca. The island on these beautiful Islands will definitely be unforgettable and for parents and for children. In the list of the best family-friendly hotels were Protur Bonaire Aparthotel (first place), Blanc Palace Aparthotel 4*, cheap Hotel Marina Delfin Verde 3*, working on the principle “all inclusive” and the hotel complex Princesa Playa 4*, Viva Sunrise 3* and modest, but very beautiful Hotel Club Sur Menorca 3*. However, an ideal place for family holidays and resorts in mainland Spain.

The choice destinations for a holiday with a toddler – it is responsible and troublesome, but how much joy, fun and best experiences and memories to the whole family. We wish you the best impressions and good health on which resort and hotel you would not opted.

Do not forget about Ukraine, where it is still located and is well equipped for families with children the most popular and beloved children’s health on post-Soviet space. This Is Crimea, Yevpatoria. Amazing balance dry climate, clear sea water and sandy beaches with smooth, flat bottom, and the absence of tidal and tidal activity in General create the most optimal conditions for even very young children was on holiday glory!

Speaking about the length of vacation you can refer to doctors who say that the minimum that a small child should spend at the sea – three weeks. That’s how much time is usually required to acclimatize and complex rehabilitation. The last rule is particularly important for sickly children.

Noteworthy is also the choice of the hotel where You will relax with a little baby. Practice shows that in this case hotels 5* – not the best solution. On the contrary, often a lot better than any of the hotels for families with children suitable recreation, boarding house or holiday home of family type, where in addition to infrastructure and amenities, as well as the absence of external stimuli, is provided and a qualified pediatrician.

Going on vacation with young children is desirable in addition to take along a sufficient supply of food, are accustomed to the baby, be sure to water and, finally, a favorite toy, and children’s books. You may be surprised how this simple set will facilitate the process of acclimatization for Your little treasure.

On arrival at the site, please do not rush the child of the sea and the beach. Doctors recommend to follow a sparing mode for the first days of rest, which means that the baby at this time need to get the most sleep and a minimal portion of new experiences. Let your child get used to the new environment. On the first day the child is better not to go into the water, in the following days swimming in the sea is permitted, however, dosed, for 5 minutes for every stop with a consequent increase in time.

And finally, if Your child is not yet six months old, long distance travel is contraindicated. But this is not the reason to sit forever home, just choose a vacation closer to home.