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The Rule of vaccination in children


Good day, dear friends! After my post Inoculations to travel. there were requests to write more about each vaccination, contraindications, side effects. So I open a new section called «the Health of the baby. Vaccinations». Tomorrow I will separately publish articles about each vaccine. But today I want to talk about the main thing — on the preparations for vaccination.

The child had any vaccination and sustained immunity, you must follow these rules:

1. The baby should be perfectly healthy. Not doing vaccine to a child during the period of teething, exacerbation of chronic diseases, during the illness and for 2 weeks after recovery, and if the child has ailments, allergic reactions, rash, runny nose, cough. Even a common cold can cause serious side-effects after vaccination.

2. Preparing for vaccination. On doctor’s advice can give your child antihistamine remedy for 3-5 days prior to vaccination. It is also necessary to take blood and urine (for some reason some doctors forget about it). On the day of vaccination to draw attention to the condition of the baby, measure the morning body temperature. One week before inoculation is not recommended to introduce new complementary foods.

3. If the family of a child who is going to get vaccinated, someone is sick, it is better to postpone vaccination. Even if the baby seems perfectly healthy in the morning, he could already catch the virus from dad/mom/sisters get sick by the evening.

4. Come to the vaccine with a toddler only toddler days, in the days of a healthy child, so as to lower the probability to meet a sick child waiting for their turn in the clinic. Unfortunately, we incorrectly organized vaccination clinics. On-good, it should be a separate building, or at least floor so there was not supposed snotty-coughing children. But since we do not have this, it would be better if dad/grandma will sit in the queue, and you child will fit in your time.

5. After the introduction of the vaccine must wait for about half an hour and not run straight home. The fact that some children may experience a strong reaction to the vaccine, for example, anaphylactic shock. After sitting quietly for 30 minutes and making sure everything is okay, you can go home.

6. On the day of vaccination check on your baby. Measure body temperature, do not expose to heavy loads. If you know that the child does not tolerate high temperatures, it is better to give him a febrifuge already at rising up to 38 degrees. Even if the child has never had reactions to the vaccine, this house should be antipyretic, just in case, when at night, for example, you will not be able to run to the pharmacy. Generally, the temperature rise of the body to the vaccine — this is normal and means that a child’s immune system works and responds to input from the drugs.

7. Adverse reactions after some vaccines are inevitable. It is possible that the injection site is formed redness or swelling. If the seal is small, do not worry and smear-grate different means. All will pass in 2-3 days. But if the seal is great and concerned about the child, it is best to call a doctor.

8. Check with vaccination nurses office she will prick and much as may be side effects, is it possible to bathe the child after vaccination and walk with him. You can ask to show you the vaccine to check the time. Is YOUR child vaccinated and you have a right to know that he kolyat.

9. All the vaccines except BCG. should be performed in a perednenaruzhnaya surface of the thigh or into the deltoid muscle. If the doctor is going to do the vaccine into the gluteal muscle, take the child and go from unskilled employee! Injections in the gluteal muscle recently prohibited because of the high risk of nerve damage(5% of children he is abnormally and it can appear at the injection site), and even the kids in the gluteal region, very few muscular tissue, where and should get the needle of the syringe. Subcutaneous vaccination is permitted in the administration of vaccines forgive rubella, measles, mumps.

By following these rules of preparation before inoculation . you will make sure your child is well tolerated vaccine and can avoid adverse reactions. All the speculation about the harm of inoculations, all cases of complications arise due to the irresponsibility of parents and the negligence of the doctors. Percentage of real complications on the vaccine is much less than that attributed to the opponents of vaccination.