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Take Care of my son

Incapacitated the son of actor Boris Novikov could be gone from elite apartments in Moscow “by means of” guardians of the temple

In Tagansky office of public Prosecutor of Moscow two weeks ago passed a criminal case of the missing son of the late people’s artist of Russia Boris Novikov. 61-year-old Sergey, disabled since childhood, the blind and the mentally ill, disappeared from an apartment in the famous high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya embankment in Moscow, where in recent years he lived with his mother, the actor’s wife Nadezhda Antonovna. He vanished in mid-April after allegedly signed the contract of purchase and sale of luxury apartments, what to do obviously couldn’t because of their disability.

The apartments in this building are expensive. The skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment – a tidbit for a cynical and ruthless businessmen. Apartment Novikovs estimated 18 million rubles, this amount was listed in the contract of sale.

Find a missing person and want to clarify the situation a few people – friends and neighbors of the family of Boris Novikov, the fate of each member which was tragic. Boris Novikov has played his last role for a year before his death. He passed away in July of 1997. The artist fell ill and went into oblivion and poverty.

Wife Nadezhda Antonovna was kept for 11 years. She knew that a sick son Sergei, except her, no one needs. To him she devoted life, leaving his acting career. The last years she was bedridden and needed help. And here last fall Nadezhda Antonovna not, and in April of this year, at Easter, disappeared Sergey.

It is known that relatives have Novikovs no. The alarm was raised by a few people who knew this family, and thanks to them strange case of a missing person and not less strange the sale of flats has gained publicity in the media. In particular, the TVC channel dedicated reportage in “Line of defense” .

This story has many strange and inhuman, says the report. There are proven operating with impunity in Moscow “black” realtors scheme of obtaining the apartment. There is a buyer, a certain citizen B. which no one has ever seen.

The most unpleasant and strange in this story is that wittingly or not protagonists of the event were the religious leaders – the rector of the Church of St. Nicholas in Kotelniki father Alex Yushchenko and the head of the Church of Alexander Brodsky. They took care of Novikovs in the last months of life of Nadezhda Antonovna, they lost hope the woman had signed before his death some papers. What exactly is unknown.

After the death of Nadezhda Antonovna Sergei caring nurse – from the temple. Turned back neighbors, who discovered the missing son of an actor and empty, apparently the apartment.

“Guardians” from the temple to find a family Novikovs. Now they refuse to comment

As the journalists of the TV channel neighbor Olga Vishnevskaya, who were friends with Nadezhda Antonovna many years, recently she was very concerned what will happen to her son after her death. She went through all the friends who could be trusted with Sergei. Including offered to care and Olga, but she refused because of their age. Then, according to Hope, she was unexpectedly offered to help people out of the temple.

This was confirmed by a family friend Novikovs, actor Nikolay Denisov. “To care for Sergei as if it came from a Church of St. Nicholas in Kotelniki, personally, father Alexei, promised solemnly Nadezhda Antonovna dying, he’d take him on myself and will look to end their days, he said. – And here’s how they would dokazivaesh so that Sergei was gone, and the apartment is sold completely figureheads. Where did Sergei, don’t know, they seem to protested in every way from what happened.”

The attempt of journalists to contact his father Alexei proved fruitless – promising to meet, he stopped answering calls. And the Church elder Alexander Brodsky to make comments on a situation have refused. “I was here? I did my job, performed in good faith”, he said.

According to the father of Alex, and he knows it supposedly according to Brodsky: the doorbell of the apartment rang a woman who introduced himself as a relative of Novikovs (and, as already indicated, the family did not remain), it was the policeman. The woman demanded all documents in the apartment, Brodsky gave them and left. Downstairs, at the entrance he waited for the two strangers. They advised not to intervene. Brodsky them obeyed. Since then, about Sergey Novikov is not known.

Nikolay Denisov also said that “guardians” from the Church is still not buried the ashes of Hope from him – he personally asked about this the other day at St. Nicholas Archangel cemetery. It replied that the dust is still, six months later, just sitting there unattended.

As believes (and hopes) Denisov, Sergey Novikov could be “somewhere at the Church” or in any private hospital. In other hospitals, and phoned, according to him, everything is possible, no such patient.

At the same time, the actress Lada masharova, also a close family friend, said that Nadezhda Antonovna instructed father Alexei care for him, in exchange for the apartment. According to Masarova, after the funeral service the priest assured them that “as long as he is alive, with Sergey nothing will happen,” and that “it will be taken care of all the temple.” The same he said for nine days.

40 days friends of Hope Antonovna had not been invited, and then it turned out that the father Alexei found for Sergey Novikov guardian. Guardian this was unreliable and soon admitted that he agreed to put his signature under the relevant documents for a fee, according to the report.

Skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya – a tidbit for realtors, but the owners of luxury apartments are not in a hurry to sell them

Last year, Kommersant has published a great article about the house on Kotelnicheskaya – to 55-year anniversary. This skyscraper is like a city within a city. At various times lived Faina Ranevskaya, Konstantin Paustovsky, Galina Ulanova and Mikhail Zharov, Roman Karmen, Boris Novikov, Nikita Bogoslovsky, Clara Luchko and Lydia Smirnova. Today in this house live Alexander Shirvindt, Lyudmila Zykina, Willy Tokarev, Andrei Voznesensky, Dmitry Nagiyev, Efim Shifrin and many other famous people.

Eminent residents are reluctant to give up its historic mansions, but because the housing market in the house is quite small, if not microscopic. At the time the article was published in the house was sold for only two apartments: one room (total area of 164 sq. m) on the second floor, directly above the main entrance to the Central entrance cost of 3 million dollars and one-bedroom Studio apartment on the 17th floor, in the side beam of the main building with a total area of 66 sqm with beautiful views of the waterfront and access to the outdoor roof – value of 1.19 million.

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