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The Child is under one Year > CLASSES for CHILDREN


Classes for young children involves training in communication skills and development of abilities of the child in a playful way. Child under years is an active researcher and experimenter, which should create conditions for “research”.

Our goal is to incorporate into the baby’s situation elements that motivate him to take action. Hide behind the chair colorful toys, tie ribbons and multi-colored rope to chairs, put somewhere a box with a rustling, tinkling,shimmering things – the daily discovery of new interesting items is an important lesson for the development of the baby .

Classes for children up to year not only to promote sensory skills ,but they also develop the muscular and musculoskeletal cardiovascular system, improve breathing and circulation.

When a kid sees something curious and unusual – smooth river stone, shadow on the wall,a piece of cloth,a crisp sheet of paper or foil, be sure to tell him about these “wonderful” discoveries, constantly communicate with him.

Now we will share with You some practical tips that will help to diversify leisure of a child under one year and will help to acquire new skills and useful experience for the development.

Help to make baby a new opening.

Walking under the rainbow.

You can make a rainbow out of cardboard with colorful stripes and anchor her in the doorway at the level just above Your baby. The cardboard can attach different “tassels” (multi-colored ribbon,a small rattle,plastic rings, etc). The child will be held under “the rainbow”, to consider of the strip, pull “tassels”. Baby learns about its growth,what the size of his own body.

Cardboard slide for cars.

Fold the colored cardboard and shape it into a roller coaster. Teach your kid to put cars on the hill and show how they can slide down. Please note the toddler in the car, “ahead ahead” of everyone else. The child will get acquainted with the concepts of velocity and acceleration.

Sieve for sand.

A very useful exercise with children 1 year. When you go with the baby for a walk,grab a sieve to play on the Playground. The child will be interesting to see how sifted the sand through the holes. Lifting the sieve at different heights, the kid with curiosity to see how strewed the sand.

Search toys.

A very useful exercise with children under one year hidden in the children’s room toys. Hide any toy (but so that the baby has been easily found) and ask the child to find her. In the process of searching all the time repeat the name of the toys need to find – so the kid will be faster to master it. And the finding will help to develop the baby such qualities as attention and intuition. You can even hide any toy that emits a sound (e.g.,wind-up toy). The child will look for her “sound”. Such searches are useful for the development of the baby’s hearing.

Game with wooden cubes.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of dice in the development of skills and abilities of the child up to a year. The cubes can be used in the game in a completely different way – putting them into pyramids, to create pictures, to do the garage for cars and much more. Now, you can also purchase blocks of different sizes without one side – they can put small toys to insert into each other.

Older friends.

If Your baby has no brother or sister, try to often invite friends with kids that are older than crumbs for a year or two. Your child will play with them ,repeating the action and quickly mastering new skills. Child psychologists believe that communication of kids with friends older very effectively contribute to the development of new skills and abilities.

Games for girls: mothers and daughters.

If You have a daughter,give her a baby carriage with a doll and ask the baby to go food shopping in a store is the quality of the products you can take the toys and put them out on the sofa. Communication of a little girl with a doll during “trips to the store” will help the development of speech skills.

Draw Doodle.

Give your child a large sheet of paper and colored pencils,crayons,finger paint. The pencils pick up for “the artist” with different diameter stylus. The more diverse will be the Doodle,the better. These classes for children up to years help to develop creativity,motor skills of the fingers and hand muscles.

Collect toy rake.

Craft for kid improvised rake,attaching the comb to the wooden stick. Have a child sit at the table and on the table lay small toys. Show the kid how you can use the rake to collect the items to touch. Toddler pull toy rake, developing coordination and arm muscles.

Pour the peas into a bowl.

Another very helpful exercise to develop coordination of movements. Place the front of the toddler large bowl and show them how to fill it with dried beans from the bag. It does not matter if the first time the kid half of the bag will sift past.

Walking with obstacles.

If Your baby has already learned to walk,arrange cubes in front of him in a row and ask them to go beyond the obstacles. These classes for children of early age help to learn how to maintain balance and develop coordination.

Playing with a bouncy ball.

Of a child playing with an inflatable ball is very useful for the development of movement coordination,eye and strengthen the musculoskeletal system. Throw up the ball ,and the baby will try to catch it and hold the handles.

Game with linen clothespins.

For the game, prepare a plastic jar and old not tight clothespins. Show your child how you can attach clips along the edges of banks and ask her to do the same. Such studies contribute to the development of agility and coordination.

The search for a pair shoes.

This game promotes thinking and teaches the child to make a decision. The game will use mom’s wardrobe. Put before the child a pair of shoes,and then one Shoe put to rest. The child’s task is to find the pair of shoes among others. Exactly the same can be used for games and other paired items (e.g.,large buttons or colored sticks for the account).

Tower of cubes.

Go back to the wooden cubes. Build with blocks turret ,then disassemble it and ask the kid to do the same. This game helps to develop memory and accuracy.

The game bag.

If You have kept the old bags,purses, wallets, give “little explorers”. The kid will try to open locks,to undo the zipper and button closure. and then to store his or her toys. So the child learns better world surrounding objects

The trip through the tunnel.

Another useful for the development of children’s game – a trip through the tunnel. Make several sheets of cardboard tunnel and show the kid how to put it through his machine. The child would be happy to let the cars through the tunnel,watching as they “fly” from the other side. These classes children develop coordination and eye.

Endangered the clown.

Take a paper Cup and repeat on the bottom hole to push through the plastic straw. At the end of the straw into the Cup attach a funny face (can be made from rags and buttons). Teach your child to move the straw so that the face appeared and then disappeared. This game will not only amuse the baby,but also will help to develop the precision and accuracy of movements.

Leafing through a book.

Your child is under one year ,of course,still can’t read. But to get to know a book can even at such an early age. Flipping through the pages of children’s books,the child not only sees color pictures with amazing fairy tale characters,but also develops motor skills of the fingers and accuracy.