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Why is the child crying?


Many young moms and dads cry the beloved child associated with their own parental failure. However, this opinion is very wrong, because for a small child crying is a kind way of communicating and the only opportunity to convey their wishes. As you grow toddler will learn to interact with others differently, but occasionally hear bitter “WA” and wipe them with a rolling barrage of tears parents will be quite a long time. Why is the child crying?

There are many reasons for baby crying. The baby often cries from hunger, heat or cold, from the fact that it is time to change a dirty diaper, and just the desire to be close to my mother. Also, the baby may experience discomfort after childbirth, which is the first major test, and therefore “unreasonable” to cry. This condition disappear within the first weeks of life and are treated with proper care of the newborn. my mother’s constant attention, carrying on hands and frequent breastfeeding.

In addition, many children cry when they are tired, want to sleep or because they are uncomfortable. And, of course, cannot be overlooked as a reason for crying, colic first months of life, in which children stomach ache. The toddler blushes, pulls his legs to his stomach and yells loudly for quite a long time.

Why babies cry in their sleep?

Often a baby crying in sleep. This is largely due to colic, cutting teeth, and General excitement throughout the day. Often children cry at night after a noisy and crowded events (for example, after the birthday of someone in the household).

Of course, all moms and dads want baby fast asleep, not crying and not waking up. But the thing is that magic pill from the night of the baby’s crying does not exist. If the baby cries at night, while sahotas hysterical, it must be shown to a neurologist to rule out possible CNS (we are talking about competent specialist, not pseudo-doctors who really love to treat childhood neurological “problems” in their absence).

To feed the child with drugs and sedatives in the hope of restful sleep is a very bad decision. Therefore, this period should be just to survive and try to find your method of solution. Helping someone for a long period of swimming and gymnastics at bedtime, evening walks, someone – co-sleeping with unrestricted access to the breast (in this case the mother has a chance to somehow sleep in contrast to the situation when the crumbs have midnight swing and wear on hands).

Why crying in my sleep the child is older (after a year)? Maybe he is getting Horny before bedtime. It is therefore very important to organize the evening so as not to overwork the crumbs and not to overload his nervous system. Don’t need noisy games, cartoons and loud sounds, preferably at bedtime at least a little walk or to play quietly, read books, listen to music.

At night, often crying disturbed children, so it is very important to reduce the level of tension, always trying to speak calmly, not quite angrily and punishment, and in any case not to scare children (the Boogeyman and other parental horror stories). For such children it is very important clear mode of the day.

If the baby usually sleeps quietly and suddenly starts crying in his sleep, parents need to analyze the past day. It’s possible the thing just overtired and excited; however, a sudden crying (especially night) may be the first symptom of many diseases (SARS, otitis media and other). Therefore, after such a night should be especially careful to observe the toddler and when in doubt take him to a doctor (especially if the baby was already cold and snotty, as the crumbs of the first years of life runny nose often becomes otitis media).

What to do if the baby cries during feeding?

The baby often cries during and immediately after eating, most often due to painful cramps and spasms in the small tummy. To help the baby, before meals it needs to be put on the tummy to massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction, feed in the pose “belly to belly”, which promotes relaxation of the abdominal muscles, as after a meal to hold it vertically, giving the ability to burp the air.

The child may cry during feeding, if he’s having any problems (the milk flows too rapidly or, on the contrary, is very tight) . With the baby-iskusstvennikam need to choose the right and convenient pacifier with optimal hole, a breastfed baby can be a little help and if necessary a little pre-podadite chest.

Often crying while eating and appears in the period of teething, when swollen Desenka very sore and itchy. In this case, help massage (a special brush or a bandage wrapped around a finger), lubrication gums with a special gel and, most importantly, parental patience.

Often during suckling colds cry babies who bothers to eat laid nose. In this case, the baby cannot normal to suck, he gets irritated and cries. In such situation it is necessary to rinse the nose with saline and free it from the content (using an aspirator or “aplausos”), and at emergency drip special children’s vasoconstrictive medication (after consultation with the doctor).

What to do when the baby cries?

What to do if the baby cries? Infants can be applied to the breast (even if he just ate), the kid-iskusstvennikh you can offer some water (if he’d just eaten) or to think about increasing the amount of servings. Also worth checking the diaper of the baby and, if necessary, to change him.

Even if it is obvious that the baby is not wet or dirty, and that he is not crying from hunger, heat (cold) and thirst, do not leave him to cry alone. A tiny little man just does not know how to calm yourself – it should to get your hands on, a little walk with him, to sweet talk or sing a song, to show something interesting.

If a child crying of an extraordinary nature (sharp whistling, or, conversely, yammering on a single note), baby cries for hours, the baby should be shown to the doctor.

And the most important and simultaneously the most difficult thing is to remain calm and remember that even if the baby cries for several hours, because he does it not out of spite for adults! Causeless weeping is quite a frequent phenomenon for tots first months of life and it does not mean that parents do not cope well with their duties. Just a little worried, and he, as best he can, trying to share with mom and dad with their problems. It’s just a phase that has to be experienced!

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