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Child theft: why it happens in good families?


Employees of supermarkets often catch “the little thief”, taking a chocolate bar from the shelf or something more expensive. Theft – it’s not just pity the innocent, the offence leading to certain consequences. At the same time for a misdemeanor child, there are psychological problems and possible gaps in family education.

«Leider” talked about stealing from a child psychologist Olga Sergeeva and the inspector on Affairs of minors, the police officer Oksana Makarova.

Who and why is stealing

Oksana Makarova, inspector PD: “can’t say that it’s always the children from disadvantaged families, as some people think. Often called “safe” something is missing, actually. Recently we had, for example, the happy boy, studying in high school. Stolen from a sporting goods store special bandages for Boxing, carried in the pocket, the guard caught him at the exit. Here who does not suffice, I think. Someone emotions, adrenaline, someone really very useful, but mom said not buy.

Basically, these are isolated episodes. But, of course, there are those who regularly trades theft, this is another case. We have a teenager on the account, not for the first time comes – the radio of the cars pulls, wheels takes. Can’t say that the family is dysfunctional, but brings up his mother and stepfather, both of which for him, no authority, no influence can’t afford”.

why child forward

Olga Sergeeva, psychologist: “ I also do not agree that they don’t steal children from disadvantaged families. Rather, it speaks of some psychological problems of a child, and it is possible and in the most prosperous-looking families, in families with incomes too high.

Here, for example, one case – a girl of 11 years, a successful athlete, an excellent student. Stealing in the locker room of the school, until caught, and then surfaced and theft in the bus for a decent amount. It turned out that dreamed about a beautiful dress and your phone, and mom even say about it was afraid, so was the relationship between them is arranged. Or here remember the boy who was shoplifting products that mother forbade him to eat from considerations of a healthy lifestyle, and he wanted, just unbearable.

The child goes to the theft when you are not satisfied with any of their needs. Sometimes, the child, really, really want this specific thing. But more often it is the need, for example, recognition or attention. For example, a teenager need to gain popularity among peers – and he goes to steal from the company. I’ve had a case when a child stealing in the shop of sweets to entertain friends. A thing attention, the child in this situation simply does not know how to get what you want is legal, appropriate way”.

As working professionals

Oksana Makarova, inspector PD: “All work with a teenager who had committed theft, is built within the framework prescribed by law. Let’s say he stole something in a store, a chocolate something carried in your pocket. The guards noticed, detained him, called 02, patrol arrived. In place of the prepared statement, and the offender brought to the inspector on Affairs of minors of the district, if it turns out that he’s a minor. Here already registered the statement, we immediately called the parents, they must arrive within three hours. And only in the presence of a parent begins the proceedings, clarification of the circumstances of the offence.

To answer the child will be in this article if he is 16 years old. If the theft is committed in the amount of 1,000 rubles, administrative liability is incurred, if the amount is more – that is a criminal, then we pass to lead in the bodies of inquiry. When administrative liability is issued a fine to the parents. If the offender is not yet 16 years of age, shall render a resolution on refusal in initiation of proceedings. But in any case the teenager is put on the account to us in a division of juvenile police and sent a letter to the Commission on Affairs of minors. This fact informed the school, where he studied the teenager. On the account he is at least six months, if after this period, the characteristics show that it’s all right, no more episodes, with the teenager removed.

Without the statements of the victim we will not put, we need a proven fact. But, of course, if we become aware of any case, the conversation we’ll have. We also go to schools and talk with children – and individually, and before classes are. Describe how, when, how. For many children it is a revelation.

Most often in my practice is, indeed, a few cases. Getting into the police registration for teenager becomes the strongest shake-up, the recurrence of which he does not want”.

Olga Sergeeva, psychologist: “As a psychologist I am primarily looking for the motive of theft, and then help the child and parents to find a way to meet the needs of acceptable way.

Baby Forestwood

For example, this girl who dreamed about the dress and the phone, but was afraid even to tell mom about it, preferring to dive in the locker room. After you have discussed all options with her mother, the girl steadily began to receive pocket money, and also got the opportunity to speak freely about what he wants, what he dreams, it went smoother.

One girl was dragged out of the school all sorts of souvenir, mother became alarmed, and came to see me. We played with it in the game – she chose 5 items, I also chose, we started sharing with each other, and then I just stole the most valuable. Discussed with the girl that she feels. Talked about the dangers of theft, what are shame, fear of exposure. And then, what are the ways to get what you want if you talk and agree.

The boy who stole to entertain friends, to attract attention, worked through, otherwise you can make friends, how to Express themselves in the company. As soon as starting to work out, steal no longer required.

Another example. In the family was the preferred child – boy, more successful, his mother encouraged, noticed, and daughter – probably not. She was continually something to steal, trying to attract the attention of other ways to fulfill this desire she didn’t understand. When mother and I talked, it became obvious that the child in the family is perceived as injustice. Also happens when considering the events that parents understand that the child is ignored, priority work or marital relationship. This creates fertile ground for theft. And then, of course, work more with the parents.

Should also be said about the situations when it appears that the child is stealing money from their parents or grandparents. Because of the strong feelings of anger, mistrust and shame for the child’s parents are outraged, and then becomes even more difficult to clarify, but it is important to talk find out can a teenager is in trouble, it happens that extort money in the yard or in the school”.