How to analyze the figure of the child - the Answer to everything
  While he is drawing, don't get involved in the process, but follow the order of appearance of household on paper. When the picture is ready, ask the kid's name…

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Mom to mom: a Spoiled child: the recipe of austerity good for parents


Beloved children. All they are allowed. All they are allowed. Sweets? Please. The cartoons? To health. Don’t want to walk? Well, okay. Toy assemble forces there? Nothing, mother collect. No refusal, no ban. Whence then comes a spoiled child? And how he will show his character, so hold on all: and grandmothers, and grandfathers, and mothers with fathers. And how to return back the little angel as he at first seemed, no one knows. Because the kid knows how to manipulate adults. If you do not cry, tears, if not tears, tantrums. What to do about that?

So little Karina. Cute 6-year-old girl. The only baby in the family. Favorite all. And because much spoiled. Karina in subjection to all the relatives. If one is trying to blame the girl, the other will certainly fit to stand up in its defense. If someone from adults and believes that the extra time would deny another adult certainly seem that this is too strict. So Karina gets what she wants, and at the same moment, when she asks about it.

Most of all I love the baby grandmother. They got over two. And each vying tries to please his beloved granddaughter. But why not appreciate Marinochka their efforts. Slightly raises a cry and grandmothers have already learned how to swear. Even the “fight”. Karina turned one of the grandmothers doll when she tried to get the girl to sit down at the books.

Seeing these outrages, mom and dad are not outright scared. They understood beforehand that the care of grandmothers passes the bounds of the permissible, but that it will turn their daughter into a small uncontrollable monster, not assumed. The whole family began to think, instead of whether to take a spoiled child to a psychologist.

A spoiled child. who is to blame?

Just to cure a spoiled child from mischief, disobedience, rudeness and tantrums can not no psychologist. Because it is a comprehensive result of upbringing and abuse of a child.

But to correct the situation, of course, need. And the sooner the better. To take a tight grip will not only Karina, but all home.

As the child turns into a spoiled egotist? This condone parents and other family members. The inability to deny lead to the resolution of the many unnecessary actions. It is the desire of adults to look in the eyes of the child is good, do not allow them to insist on his own where necessary.

What makes a baby. Small, but very agile mind quickly makes a good point, what’s what, and actively start using it. Especially a lot of trouble delivering parents of children with cutaneous or visual vectors.

Skin vector provides a child with the need to limit. Only strict ban can give positive results in education. Discipline is necessary for a child with this type of mentality, since it contributes to its development.

Requests, the emphasis on pity or gratitude will never have much influence over it due effect. Child with skin vector thinks only from the standpoint of use and benefits. In all situations he is looking for loopholes to get what you want without putting any effort. That is why in dealing with them strict discipline. Then he will learn to understand that without effort there is no reward. This is its development.

Skin the child is tricky. He almost from birth can and will be with you to bargain. Therefore, parents need to be firm and demand of him the contract. To avoid claims on your part he may use tricks, such as the manipulation of tears, tantrums, if you figure out what you surrender to his behavior.

But giving a child everything he asks, giving in to his charm or bad behaviour, you are not allowed to develop its properties, permitting expansion of his laziness, cut off his path to the transition from the lowest States of the vector to the highest, most developed.

A spoiled child with a visual vector – is an emotionally unstable child. Instead of teaching him empathy in such elementary things as “not to be rude to her grandmother, she will be upset”, he implicitly allow and forgive any behavior.

It does not develop the main property of the visual vector empathy. And it only guarantees emotionally stable state of the child, helps prevent the fears that often the problem is eye children.

A child with a visual vector is very emotional. If his feelings are not to engage in empathy, are used to getting everything immediately, it is also the first “insubordination” parents will be coming to an excited state and using tantrums to get what you want. To condone his manipulation of course not worth it. It must extinguish its tranquility. But to do that, parents will have to work on yourself.


First, to understand what future are you preparing your spoiled child, not trying to teach his elementary work, applying effort to get what you want.

The same owner of the dermal vector, instead of grow and feel a desire to become a lawmaker, an inventor, an engineer will be able to realize maximum as a seller, more or less successful. Trade and especially the desire to receive the gift – is the lowest level of development of the dermal vector.

The child with a visual vector permissiveness in education deprives the ability to feel, leaves a superficial and callous, not capable of deep feelings that will affect his relationships with other people in adult life.

All these future and not the bright prospects must convey to you the fact that you have to change yourself: learn to say no, to learn not to give up, learn to share, sorry for the baby from wanting to look in his eyes the most good, not allow impermissible. But to get over yourself daily will not be possible.

Without realizing it, many parents sell their own property at the expense of the child. This desire is of concern to and empathize with. Not receiving sufficient realisation in society, parents direct all their efforts on the kid, turning education into neglect, which, without exaggeration, can turn a child with any type of mentality in immature shit head.

To change their attitude to the spoiled child and really be able to straighten this curve until it is too late, we must study its own properties, to understand why it so hard to nurture .

Eventually, all this will protect it from the worst fate that will solve the problem of spoiled and will save you from frustration, when you begin to be aware of whom you grow and who will actually be able to become your beautiful daughter or lovely baby.

How to analyze the figure of the child - the Answer to everything
  While he is drawing, don't get involved in the process, but follow the order of appearance of household on paper. When the picture is ready, ask the kid's name…

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