Adoption: meet the parents
  Svetlana and Vladimir – the parents of Christina (pupils Tomsk orphanage) and angelina (pupils Tomsk children's Home). They came especially for them to Tomsk from Ekaterinburg. I met them…

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Training of the interaction of parents and children "Learn to understand each other"
The question of interaction and understanding each other is becoming increasingly important within the family as children get older, and especially if the child logopt. The child grows and changes,…

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Hepatitis. Baby Hep and advice for parents – Parsley


Every year on 28 July, the international community drew attention to the need for prevention and control of viral hepatitis. On the need for treatment of these diseases, methods of diagnosis and prevention of more than one year and say in Ukraine. Read more about the relevance of this issue tells the doctor Olga Devonian.

– Let’s, again, what is hepatitis and are their types?

– Viral hepatitis – diseases caused by hepatotropic pathogens-viruses and lead to liver damage. There are 8 types of hepatitis viruses – A, b, C, E, Delta, ti-Ti, F and others. Any of them are dangerous to human life. The disease may not be noticeable to humans, and can lead to disability or death of the patient. Of hepatitis A is transmitted by the faecal-oral route, as with any intestinal infection. Often the increased incidence occurs in late summer – early autumn when the children return from recreation areas. Also the increase in the incidence of hepatitis a occur every 6 years. Primary prevention is the observance of sanitary-hygienic norms, isolation of source of infection and vaccination. This is especially important when the flash is fixed in organized team. After vaccination the healthy members of the staff of the epidemiological chain breaks. Hepatitis And mainly affects children between 5 and 16 years, hepatitis Continue reading

The Influence of music on children – the impact on the psyche and development of the baby

the Impact of music on children

Music is a special world with bright colors, wonderful melodies and pleasant tones. There is hardly even one person music can remain indifferent. Numerous scientific studies have proven the beneficial effects of classical music on children and adults, as well as animals and even plants. Oddly enough, but the melodious music is able to stimulate the growth and development of all living things.

The influence of music on child development

The influence of music on child development is really very significant. Children have a very sensual perception of what surrounds them. Therefore, the music they react in a special way, more openly and directly. If you enable a young child to classical music by Bach, Beethoven, and, for example, of Mozart, he will quickly learn to distinguish between them and soon will no longer ask You to include Bach. It’s completely natural, because this composer lived a hard fate, and most of his works it reflects very brightly. Adults appreciate music in a different way, from the point of view of complexity and unexpected decisions, but children are just ways to feel the feelings of the composer. And that’s fine. Therefore, parents should introduce your baby to the world of classical music as early as possible Continue reading