The Paradoxes of Japanese education Motherhood - pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition, education
  Education of the individual in Japan is very different from traditional education in Russia. Those rude phrases, which are easy to hear on our playgrounds: "you're bad", "now I…

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Free consulting a child psychologist. How to improve memory child?
  My son Misha 5 years. Just can't understand why he was so hard to remember. He goes to kindergarten. During his life, I always talk to him, explain, teach…

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The Love between a man and a woman. The love of man to woman. Signs of men in love of men


How does a man in love? Signs of love men.

A man and a woman…. Much mystery, so much sensuality between them. And yet, through them, “pass” and search for the answer to the question: how a man shows his love to the woman?

It may sound banal but in different ways. “Decorate” the banality of different ways. For those who doubt, I will add: men have heart. A real, live, beating. Can live in it love. Such a real, living and breathing and beating.

The love between a man and a woman. The love of man to woman. – The signs of male love in men.

How a man expresses his love? Excessive attention. Which, incidentally, often, boring woman. And who will like “attention”, which smoothly turns into obsession, or something similar? Letter (e), “dostavki” in the chats, calls, messages on mobile phone…. All this, of course, more than happy. But, only if this is “nice” – not too much.

A man may confess his love, turning on the radio, or on television. Especially great if, this recognition would be expected. Because, otherwise, she might not hear the words of love spoken in this way. And the man won’t Continue reading

The Adoptive parents. Who are they?



Worldwide adoption of children left without parental care, becomes, so to speak, more and more popular. A lot of movie stars, show business, television, politicians become adoptive moms and dads: Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, Nicole Kidman and Tom cruise, Sharon stone, Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Spielberg and others. Among the Russian “ stars ” there are also adoptive parents: Svetlana Sorokin, Alexey Serebryakov, Tatyana Ovsienko, and former Manager of the President of Russia Pavel Borodin two adopted children, two under the care and a foster home.

Six out of ten Americans have experience with adoption (adopted or were adopted themselves, or have gone through it their relatives). In Russia adoptive parents is significantly less. According to a VTsIOM poll conducted in 2006, 81% of Russians are not going to adopt a child. The share of potential adopters – only 13%. Of those polled only 1% of adopted children.

Who are the people willing to become foster parents, why and with what feelings they do, what they are willing to break the habitual way of life? The desire to take a foster Continue reading

The Influence of adults on the formation of self-esteem of the child


In childhood, self-concept is still not fully developed, poorly structured, poorly protected and easily identifiable influences. Because the circle of friends in childhood is limited mainly by the family, the family is the first and most important factor influencing the formation of self-concept, and self-esteem in particular. In childhood the circle is extremely narrowed. The influence of parents on the child at this age leads to the fact that their installation be the decisive factor in the formation of his self-concept.

Most psychologists argue that the first five years of life are the period when laid the basic Foundation of personality and self-concept of the person. The first human relationship that the child learns in the family, appear to him the prototype for all future relationships with other people.

It is important that family members are treated a child as a decent substance capable of certain kinds of activity, which in turn generates a sense of self-importance. Every activity has a purpose. The ability to achieve it gives a sense of confidence in their abilities. For students that mastery learning for teachers — the possession of their subject and the ability to elicit from students the right level of knowledge. Success in this gives the teacher Continue reading

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