Raising boys, raising girls. The mysteries of parenting
  Try to understand, at least in the General laws of development. In front of the boys face the critical challenge of development, become a man. The Central role of…

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The Greed of a child: what to do, how to wean?
  Already in early childhood, the child develops the self, the image of the self. Interacting with objects, he not only learns their properties, but also their own abilities. The…

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Children are a reflection of their parents


The main issues of family relations: the position of spouses in the family and their personal qualities, children and relationships within the family.

First, consider examples of the relationship without considering the influence of external factors: parents of husband and wife, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.

Each member of the family has their own desires and needs, which they hope to satisfy, and if it fails, it is often in a family there will be friction and quarrels. For example, my wife, in addition to material wealth and a reliable life partner, you need the attention of her husband, and she expects it, but not talking about it. The husband, in turn, because of employment can casually refers to his wife, thinking that his focus is to provide families with everything they need. He therefore seeks to provide for the family, material things, and because of this within the family do not develop spiritual relationships, and material. It so happens that both spouses are interested in material things, and so they get bogged down in worldly Affairs and concerns. This is one of the typical portraits of the modern family. What is the situation of children in such families?

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The Love between a man and a woman. The love of man to woman. Signs of men in love of men


How does a man in love? Signs of love men.

A man and a woman…. Much mystery, so much sensuality between them. And yet, through them, “pass” and search for the answer to the question: how a man shows his love to the woman?

It may sound banal but in different ways. “Decorate” the banality of different ways. For those who doubt, I will add: men have heart. A real, live, beating. Can live in it love. Such a real, living and breathing and beating.

The love between a man and a woman. The love of man to woman. – The signs of male love in men.

How a man expresses his love? Excessive attention. Which, incidentally, often, boring woman. And who will like “attention”, which smoothly turns into obsession, or something similar? Letter (e), “dostavki” in the chats, calls, messages on mobile phone…. All this, of course, more than happy. But, only if this is “nice” – not too much.

A man may confess his love, turning on the radio, or on television. Especially great if, this recognition would be expected. Because, otherwise, she might not hear the words of love spoken in this way. And the man won’t Continue reading

The Influence of adults on the formation of self-esteem of the child


In childhood, self-concept is still not fully developed, poorly structured, poorly protected and easily identifiable influences. Because the circle of friends in childhood is limited mainly by the family, the family is the first and most important factor influencing the formation of self-concept, and self-esteem in particular. In childhood the circle is extremely narrowed. The influence of parents on the child at this age leads to the fact that their installation be the decisive factor in the formation of his self-concept.

Most psychologists argue that the first five years of life are the period when laid the basic Foundation of personality and self-concept of the person. The first human relationship that the child learns in the family, appear to him the prototype for all future relationships with other people.

It is important that family members are treated a child as a decent substance capable of certain kinds of activity, which in turn generates a sense of self-importance. Every activity has a purpose. The ability to achieve it gives a sense of confidence in their abilities. For students that mastery learning for teachers — the possession of their subject and the ability to elicit from students the right level of knowledge. Success in this gives the teacher Continue reading