Training of the interaction of parents and children "Learn to understand each other"
The question of interaction and understanding each other is becoming increasingly important within the family as children get older, and especially if the child logopt. The child grows and changes,…

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Adoption: meet the parents
  Svetlana and Vladimir – the parents of Christina (pupils Tomsk orphanage) and angelina (pupils Tomsk children's Home). They came especially for them to Tomsk from Ekaterinburg. I met them…

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Take Care of my son

Incapacitated the son of actor Boris Novikov could be gone from elite apartments in Moscow “by means of” guardians of the temple

In Tagansky office of public Prosecutor of Moscow two weeks ago passed a criminal case of the missing son of the late people’s artist of Russia Boris Novikov. 61-year-old Sergey, disabled since childhood, the blind and the mentally ill, disappeared from an apartment in the famous high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya embankment in Moscow, where in recent years he lived with his mother, the actor’s wife Nadezhda Antonovna. He vanished in mid-April after allegedly signed the contract of purchase and sale of luxury apartments, what to do obviously couldn’t because of their disability.

The apartments in this building are expensive. The skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment – a tidbit for a cynical and ruthless businessmen. Apartment Novikovs estimated 18 million rubles, this amount was listed in the contract of sale.

Find a missing person and want to clarify the situation a few people – friends and neighbors of the family of Boris Novikov, the fate of each member which was tragic. Boris Novikov has played his last role for a year before his death. He passed away in July of 1997. The artist fell ill and went into oblivion and poverty.

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The Love between a man and a woman. The love of man to woman. Signs of men in love of men


How does a man in love? Signs of love men.

A man and a woman…. Much mystery, so much sensuality between them. And yet, through them, “pass” and search for the answer to the question: how a man shows his love to the woman?

It may sound banal but in different ways. “Decorate” the banality of different ways. For those who doubt, I will add: men have heart. A real, live, beating. Can live in it love. Such a real, living and breathing and beating.

The love between a man and a woman. The love of man to woman. – The signs of male love in men.

How a man expresses his love? Excessive attention. Which, incidentally, often, boring woman. And who will like “attention”, which smoothly turns into obsession, or something similar? Letter (e), “dostavki” in the chats, calls, messages on mobile phone…. All this, of course, more than happy. But, only if this is “nice” – not too much.

A man may confess his love, turning on the radio, or on television. Especially great if, this recognition would be expected. Because, otherwise, she might not hear the words of love spoken in this way. And the man won’t Continue reading

The Adoptive parents. Who are they?



Worldwide adoption of children left without parental care, becomes, so to speak, more and more popular. A lot of movie stars, show business, television, politicians become adoptive moms and dads: Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, Nicole Kidman and Tom cruise, Sharon stone, Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Spielberg and others. Among the Russian “ stars ” there are also adoptive parents: Svetlana Sorokin, Alexey Serebryakov, Tatyana Ovsienko, and former Manager of the President of Russia Pavel Borodin two adopted children, two under the care and a foster home.

Six out of ten Americans have experience with adoption (adopted or were adopted themselves, or have gone through it their relatives). In Russia adoptive parents is significantly less. According to a VTsIOM poll conducted in 2006, 81% of Russians are not going to adopt a child. The share of potential adopters – only 13%. Of those polled only 1% of adopted children.

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